leaky boob @ 25 weeks

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juicytube2 Posts: 245
Hi girls, Little bit freaked out my right nipple has started leaking tonight ? does this mean anything?
ticketyboo Posts: 625
hu juicytube2, BOTH my boobs were leaking from 19 weeks and i went to my GP and was told its normal for some people i just had to start wearing breast pads from then on. dont get freaked out if they leak when your in the bath by the way, the heat seems to make it worse :-8 well it did for me anyway
PetiteFeet Posts: 506
Mine leaked from around 25 weeks too! I wondered whether it was a sign that I might go early but did a bit of research and apparently not! Would second the hot water making it worse, and also being around other babies, my best friend had a baby in November and it was always worse after visting them! Oh and also happened a couple of times after DTD! :-8 Mortifying!!
Babylou Posts: 724
Same happened here, mostly at night while I was sleeping and has continued till now. I remember reading at the time that it's supposed to be a good indication of successful breastfeeding. Not sure how true that is though .... will let you know in a couple of weeks :)
the fortress Posts: 341
I started leaking at 33 weeks and got the fright of my life!! It only happened twice since (always early morning) so I haven't bothered with wearing breast pads regularly yet. It's supposed to be a good thing but not sure why. I don't think it's an indication you'll go any earlier as I am still here and my bump is still very high. I'm hoping to BF though so if it's an indicator that that will go more smoothly, I'll be delighted!
Babyjoy2011 Posts: 15
On my first pregnancy leaked consistentky from about 18 weeks, and as other posters said hot bath/shower made it worse. Also crying babies nearby. Had to wear breast pads all the time I was outside the house! I went ten days overdue too so for me it didn't tie in with going early :eek
juicytube2 Posts: 245
Hi girls thanks for the replies, relaxed about it now :hic Thank god its normal and doesnt mean a early labour :o)ll xx