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PetalsBride Posts: 100
Calling all Limerick brides!!! Need some help. There are two things that I don't have much mass on for our wedding 1. wedding cake & 2. wedding car. But both are so expensive. We were even looking at using a rental car for the day but that's proving expensive too. Where are ye getting your wedding cars from and how much are you paying/ Am thinking of making my wedding cake, do you know of anyone who would ice a cake? Sorry I'm probably coming across as a total cheapskate but I'd rather spend the money on the things I have more value for e.g. my dress and stationary. Thanks for all your help and advice in advance PB :wv
MrsOConnor2b Posts: 268
Hiya, You should try Deel Bakery in Rathkeale for your cake...I got mine there and it was very reasonable! Speak with Noel and remember always haggle! With respect to the car we went with blarney limos but if you try a car vintage club I'm sure there would be one person who would love to show off their car on their wedding day???