Limerick Maternity Hospital??Any advice

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Bright Star Posts: 756
Hi Girls, Just wondeing if any of you out there are going to LMH. I am origanally from Limerick City but living now equi distant from Limk & Cork. I have been seen in CUMH in the last few weeks as i had a few problems & my doc sent me there. I havent heard great things about LMH. Just wondering can anyone please comment on it, as i am comtemplating going there as my family are all in Limk. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank U :wv
lisa Posts: 1612
Hi brightstar, I'll be having my baby in limerick maternity too. Its my 1st so cant speak from personal experience. My sister has had both her babies there. Overall she was very happy with them. Her only complaint was that one of the breast feeding nurses put her under a lot of pressure to breast feed even though her baby just wasnt latching on. 2nd time around she was more prepared and didnt have this prob. My other sister lost a baby late on in pregnancy and was in cumh for it. They were absolutely amazing but saying that I have also heard some people complain about it. I think the care is the same wherever you go, Everyone judges places differently. If I were you I would go with whichever hospital is easiest for you to get to. Last thing you need is to be getting stuck in traffic when baby is on the way. Best of luck whichever you decide.
Bright Star Posts: 756
Thanks Lisa, A friend of mine said the same about the BF nurses alright.. I think i will opt for Limerick, only thing is CUMH are seeing me again in 4 weeks. But i do recall my GP saying i could change hospitals if i wanted. I guess i will have to say it to them sooner rather than later. Best of Luck with your remaining weeks, hope all goes ok for you :wv
Mrs Unichick Posts: 1004
Hi, just a word of advise. Don't bring a wallet or anything of value into the hospital. My sister had a baby there and her wallet was stolen. ;o(
pattie Posts: 2379
I had DD in LMH and by and large thought the midwives were lovely. I went private last time so managed to get my own room and it was very clean. Very short-staffed there at night as they only have 2 nurses on for something like 20 mums & babies but they did their best. I'm public this time and find the ante-natal care great. I've had 2 appts and have not been waiting long plus the drs were lovely. Funny on the BF'g my experience was the opposite. I was mad to BF DD who couldn't latch on and the help wasn't really there. All the LCs seemed to be teaching ante-natal classes and were rarely available. Some midwives were very unhelpful and told me to give it up in not so many words. If you are very keen to BF I would recommend having your own LC or similar on call just in case.
Towniegirl Posts: 881
I had my ds in LMH. While I had no complaints about the hospital and the midwives were lovely, I did find that I was under severe pressure to breastfeed my baby wasn't latching on and this one particular midwife kept at my to keep trying and its not that easy at all so make sure you tell them that you don't want to if you don't want breastfeed. The ante natal care was brilliant and I found the ante natal classes very interesting, they also do a tour of the labour ward.
Bright Star Posts: 756
Thanks Girls--appreciate the responses. I had heard that LMH was very run down & dirty..Think thats what is putting me off tbh..but saying that i know a alot you have gone there really any diff between private & public!???? is private worth it????
lisa Posts: 1612
There are so many debates on here about the public v's private issue. I think its a personal choice. I opted for private as it is my 1st baby and just wanted that extra bit of security. One instance where I saw the difference between public and private was a couple of weeks ago. I had been having breathlessness and palpitations and mentioned it to my gynae. Within 3 hours I was with a heart consultant having endless tests (thankfully all is ok). I have no doubt i would have had to wait for this app if i was public. Its an absolute disgrace that it works this way but unfortunately it does. Saying that, I havent ruled out going public next time if all runs smoothly this time. The care isnt bad by going public, i just think you get a little extra by going private. Whatever you decide, I'm sure you will still be well looked after regardless.
MammyC Posts: 3621
just had my daughter there last week, everything was great! couldnt fault it at all.I bottle fed from the start too and nobody said anything to me. I went provate and found this great. I had my own room and my ob was there for every step along the way including the birth!
Towniegirl Posts: 881
[quote="Bright Star":1nk3dfml]Thanks Girls--appreciate the responses. I had heard that LMH was very run down & dirty..Think thats what is putting me off tbh..but saying that i know a alot you have gone there really any diff between private & public!???? is private worth it????[/quote:1nk3dfml] I didn't find the hospital dirty at all. TBH I don't see any difference with being private and public, I went public and I got as good treatment as private patients and if you go private you are not guaranteed private room anyway but the public wards were fine only abit busy at times. When I have my 2nd one I'd go there all over again no probs. Ask away if you have any more questions, I'd be happy to help.