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peepbobride Posts: 370
Hi girls, Im booking a weekend away for myself & DH to Limerick. We arent at all familiar with the city & trying to pick a hotel...either the Clarion, Absolute, Strand or the Raddisson which I think is outside the city. Would be so grateful if ye could recommend one of them. Thanks a mill :thnk
JuliaItaly Posts: 922
Hey I would say The Clarion which is slightly out of the city centre, probably half a mile at most, The George or The Marriott which are right in the middle of town. They are all really nice hotels and you won't need taxi's if you want to go for a bite to eat and a drink. The Absolute and The Strand are fine hotels and aren't far from the city centre but you would need a taxi and the Radisson is a lovely hotel but about three miles outside the city centre on the Ennis Road. For dinner, I'd recommend, The Hamptons which is right beside the Marriott and Cornstore on Thomas Street. For pubs, I'd recommend you go to Nancy's Blake's on Denmark Street if you are up for a lively night, although it can get a bit too packed and for a quieter pint, I'd recommend The White House on O'Connell Street and Tom Collins on Roches Street, all fairly central. Hope that helps and enjoy your weekend! :wv
zarazia Posts: 396
I would recommend The Strand from the hotels that you mentioned. Just a 3 min walk across the bridge to the city centre. The Clarion and Absolute are lovely aswell but that little bit further (bout 5 mins-not exactly far) but the Radisson is a good bit outside. Would end up costing you a bit in taxis to go in and out of the city even though its a lovely hotel. The George and the Mariott are in the city centre and are both fab hotels as JuliaItaly mentioned. I would also agree with JuliaItalys pubs and restaurants. Hope you have a great weekend :wv
Mrs Unichick Posts: 1004
Clohessy's and the night club Sin Bin downstairs are good spots too. Flannerys pub near Nancys is good too. Chocolate on O'Connell Street is another option for food. My fave is Hamptons though. Have a great visit.
Perch Posts: 401
Hi, I think it depends on what you want. I've stayed in The Radisson twice and I really liked it. It has a nice pool area etc & an outdoor hot tub. It has a spa too. We didn't go into Limerick for food though. We ate in the hotel & we went to Bunratty for the Medieval night, (great fun!) This was included in the hotel package. The first time it was just the two of us and the second time a group but both were just as good fun. Still it was easy to get taxies. I can't comment on the other hotels though.
ceewa Posts: 478
The Radisson is a few miles outside Limerick so not convenient for town. The Clarion isn't too far of a walk but the others are much closer. i'd probably go with the strand as the others are right in the city centre and might be a bit noisy. the rooms that look out over the river in the strand are gorgeous too. it also has a pool and spa. I'd second all the restaurants and pubs too and also add the jasmine palace for chinese and copper and spice for indian food mmm
mags s Posts: 591
oh ceewa.....copper and spice is my fave place...i LOVE it there.i will be tormented now and will have to go at the weekend...
JuliaItaly Posts: 922
Yum, I love Copper & Spice too!! [quote="mags s":1q2c6853]oh ceewa.....copper and spice is my fave place...i LOVE it there.i will be tormented now and will have to go at the weekend...[/quote:1q2c6853]
clumsy Posts: 661
Hotel Recommendations: Clarion is Lovely has a fab brekkie and lovely views. Absolute has also lovely views but its not in great location which is such a pity cause it is fab and has a lovely spa the car park is very secure its locked after you enter but walking back there at nite from the city centre wouldn't be recommended you'd need to get a taxi really, alot of wino's hang around the area. There is a new resturant after opening up called Brasserie One on Pery Square which is co-owned by Macro Pierre White and his head waiter Nick so it might be worth checking out if you have the cash!!! Luigi Malones is always good especially for steak
vonanto Posts: 395
There is a restaurant on o connell street just beside Luigi Malones called Azur, gorgeous food and really reasonable. I have stayes in the Absolute and while its a nice enough hotel it doesnt have a great reputation for the people who hang around there!!! the Clarion is a nice hotel and the George which is right in the city centre is also nice HTH and have a great weekend