Liquid Eyeliner

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Italy07 Posts: 5409
Sorry very stupid question but how do you best put on liquid eyeliner, do you put in on both the top and bottom of the eyelids. Easily knowing I have never done it before. Thanks
Mrs Boop Posts: 828
This will help you.
Italy07 Posts: 5409
Brill thanks
thebrideof2009 Posts: 1416
i use bobbi brown and paint it on wit a brush esp for eyeliner goes on well and blends easily
serenity Posts: 3675
Yes I have the slanted MAC eyeliner brush and I use the MAC blacktracks... I find it quite easy to do actually..... Just stretch your eye lid out and start from the inner eye to the outer eye. I don't put it on my lower lids either as I find it very severe on me... I normally just dust some of my eye shadow with another mac skinny eyeshadow brush just under my lower lashes.... Sound like I am pro - a pro I am not!!!
Italy07 Posts: 5409
Will have to try this a few times before the xmas party!!
serenity Posts: 3675
Ah practice makes perfect... It is a little difficult the first time or so, but it gets easier... Try to keep your hand as steady as possible and your eyelid... A good brush and wet enough liquid will actually go on quite easily... Good luck - sure you will be only gorgeous!! xx
Italy07 Posts: 5409
Thanks, have to so out and buy some now. Seen some lovely No7 ones with glitter.