Lots of boys born this year-just an observation

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YummyMummy2b Posts: 108
Just out of curiosity has anyone else noticed this? My friend(expecting a boy!) and I were discussing it yest. 18 of my friends and family were expecting this year and only 2 had girls. Just thought it was very interesting and is it just coincidence or is there cycles where more of either sex is born? 2 of my sisters also due boys during the spring. Would be great to be a girl in 20 years time-lots of men to choose from!
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
DH friends are the exact opposite-majority have girls and two this year have had a second girl! So maybe its evening out across the country!
Daisy Row Posts: 3650
Interesting topic! I find the exact opposite. Where I live there are 13 kids under 4yrs and only 3 are boys and where I work there are more colleagues having girls than boys in the last year. I work with 6 other women who have all had babies in the past 3yrs, 6 kids total 5 girls and 1 boy. My own family is all girls and of the 34 cousins I have on my side there are only 5 boys! As a result I pretty much expected to have a girl which I did, who knows for the next time!
Beedy Posts: 112
It definitely changes every year. I've found that in the early part of this year it was all boys but in the second half of 2011 it's all been girls for some reason.
North Star Posts: 137
I was only talking about this last weekend to SIL. Of the 8 i know who have had babys in recent months, only 1 had a girl.
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Any babies I know of born this year have all been boys!
divingqueen Posts: 102
I was thinking the opposite, I know 3 girls born in November. I do think it goes in waves.
happy mummy Posts: 424
Every one I know that had a baby in 2011 had a baby boy! Have came across very few girls being born at all! Strange, I was just thinking this at the weekend!! :o0
glover Posts: 188
The midwife at our antenatal class last week mentioned this and she said despite hearing about booms of boys and girls that the stats still pretty much always remain at 49% and 51% of boys and girls so I guess it all just evens itself out.
niamh086 Posts: 119
Hi YummyMummy2b, there were 7 of us pregnant together in work this year.We had 2 girls 5 boys born but where my hubby works there were 5 wives pregnant and we all had girls.So funny to hear men going from talking about cars etc to comparing buggies!! :lvs