Love more or less?

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ShadowHaven Posts: 146
I've heard this saying more times than I can remember: Be with someone that loves you a little more then you love them. Who agrees/disagrees?
colabottle Posts: 317
Dunno, is this a control thing?? I am not sure what way it is with us... ive never really thought about it much.
all my secrets Posts: 102
Id like to think feelings would be mutual - and very strong! However if pushed to it it would be comforting to know my other half loved me a bit more than I loved him :action31
BertRaccoon Posts: 321
[quote="all my secrets":1zz0dbgs]Id like to think feelings would be mutual - and very strong! However if pushed to it it would be comforting to know my other half loved me a bit more than I loved him :action31[/quote:1zz0dbgs] +1! I thought of this more of a security/protecting your heart kind of way, rather than a control thing. If you look at it the other way and felt you loved your OH a bit more than s/he loved you then I think I'd feel slightly vulnerable.
Mrs W Posts: 2923
aww that sounds a bit mean, I wouldnt like my OH to think I thought that of him or vice versa
McLisa Posts: 1815
i sometimes think it swings back and forth between us, maybe not so much actual love but showing it, if that makes sense. When we first met it was most definitely DH then BOOM i was hooked and i was the one infatuated with him and showing all the love and i think over the years we've had some ups and downs in our own lives where maybe we've been a bit distant and thats where other one steps in.
teapotty Posts: 2085
Oh this is like Whoop Whoop's "Poverty Olympics" over on the thread about the Garda. To some extent you can quanitify a feeling (like you can feel something a little or a lot or not at all) but if two people are at the end of the scale where they both love each other loads (which we'll assume all married/ engaged couples do) then you can't possibly try to figure out who loves whom more. Madness!
geeklover Posts: 831
My DP says he loves me more than I love him, couldn't be further from the truth. Once he realises that I think it might help him with some other issues he has. That sounds a bit deep I know, but things like what to do on days off together. He always lets me decide, because he loves me so much, but then unless I make an effort to do things I know he likes too it would mean I always get my own way, and that's not healthy either (as happy as I am to get my own way)!
ShadowHaven Posts: 146
My cousin recently told me that she 100% knows her husband loves her more than she loves him. I found it strange when she told mr but like another poster I haven't really thought about it. I don't think it's a control issue though.
Sassypants Posts: 4461
Myself and my best friend were chatting about this before. We're not bigheaded, at all, but both of us are sure that our husbands love us more than we love them. I know that sounds awful, really awful, but it's true. It's only a little more, but it's still more. I adore my husband, he's fantastic to me, he's a great Dad and we're really happy. But it gives me comfort to know that he loves me a little more than I love him. I guess it means that if someone were to cheat, it would be me. But I won't be doing that!