Make up around forehead line?

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23leanne Posts: 761
I have problems with my make up not rubbing in around my forehead line and jaw hairline. My skin can be very greasy and then other times dry. I switched to estee lauder double wear but I still have the same prob with my forehead. Can anyone advice? :thnk
danekawilson Posts: 24
Hi Leanne, Do you use a primer before ur foundation? Maybe if you use extra moisturiser on dry areas or use a totally different one for dry skin on those areas it would help. I'd definately recommend a primer anyway! Hope it helps!
makeupemma Posts: 49
I worked for Estee Lauder...with Doublewear, once it dries it does not budge. It is recommended that when applying it, instead of decanting lots of foundation and placing dots on the face and then rubbing it do your application in smaller sections. So do the forehead, then the nose, chin and then the cheeks. You put a small amount of foundation on each section and then using a brush or sponge you blend it out. Towards the edges of your forehead and jawline should be very minimal foundation as you are blending it out. Sometimes if there is too much foundation it can get trapped in the fine hairs of the face and not want to rub in. Does that make sense? Also if you are using Bone, it is the hardest one to blend, so that could be your problem. If you are still having trouble let me know and perhaps I can try and figure out what is happening.. All the best Emma