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nee Posts: 81
Hi guys, hen is on in four weeks and I'm looking for masquerade masks for everyone. Saw a hen with these in my hometown of Carrick-on-Shannon about one month ago and they looked brill. They were black and gold and girl said they got them from e-bay (us). I need about twenty but I can't find reasonably priced ones that you can buy in bulk. Anyone know where I could get them?
mkb Posts: 1744
if you have anyone in dublin, there is a shop in temple bar having a closing down sale and they are selling the ones to cover your eyes for 2 euro. its beside sub way. hth
rockstar Posts: 1815
I was at a hens in march and we got fab silver/black sequined ones with big black feathers in the 2euro shop! iv seen them in loads of 2euso shops since!
ash115 Posts: 43
hiya, I was in a shop called Anvil in Bray today and they have a selection, ranging from €4 up. They should be in the phonebook.
nee Posts: 81
thanks guys. i'm not from dublin but will try a few euro shops around here.
mini mama Posts: 834
Hiya my sister got them in the 2 euro shop in limerick....i think it may have been around halloween time though but worth a look....also i 2nd ebay for them....just put in the word mask and press enter and it will bring them all up...also worth logging onto as opposed to this will show ireland and uk...
Anonymous Posts: 24542
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monkeybear Posts: 1926
You may have already had you hen at this stage but maybe this'll help somebody else out. My hens this weekend and we decided to go with the masks too, but they can work out fairly expensive for so many of them so heres what i did!! I bought one white plastic mask in an art shop only about £3 I put cling film over it, then mixed PVA glue and water and ripped up loads of newspaper (free metro/london lite etc so doing my bit for environment) and all you do then is just dip the newspaper in the glue mix and place it ontop of the cling film covered mask. build up a few layers of this, its time consuming but for anybody on a budget like me if you have time you'll save a fair bit!! then it was only a case trimming off the excess paper and i painted them all with cheap black paint (£2) I bought glue with silver in it and just drew designs all over them ......our theme is black and bling so they're all black and silver all i need to do now is get some elastic for them all but that wont be expensive. tbh i didnt fancy spending a load of money on masks knowing they'd only end up in the bin at the end of the night Ill put up some pics after my hen if anybody wants to see them
rockstar Posts: 1815
wow monkeybear thats great! so creative go you!! would love to see pics!
nee Posts: 81
hi monkeybear, i wish i was as creative as you!!! honestly if i attempted them we'd end up looking like a horror film instead of glamorous girls!!! I had my hen a few weeks ago and got the masks online. they did work out at bout €70 but it was really my only expense the entire weekend as the girls were so good to me!!! they looked really well, we wore black dresses so they really stood out. Had my hen in Dublin and the Gay Pride Parade was on that day so lots of people thought we were with that which was funny!