mass booklets changes to ceremony

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newapril2008 Posts: 40
just printed my mass booklets yesterday (very proud of me for getting off my behind) anyway i was in newly weds forum (dont ask) and i seen a question about how people incorprated the changes into their ceremony. what changes are they talking about? will i have to change my booklets. if yes there will be none cos i aint doing them again.
signorina_matrimonio Posts: 1297
Hmmm - maybe it was changes that the priest suggested (change of songs, readings, etc.)? Did your priest give it the ok before you did them?
Mrs080808 Posts: 1569
Does the Priest give you the wording of the Mass and you print them. We haven't done ours yet and I wouldn't know where to start. :-8
nbz Posts: 110
I think the official wording has changed with the changes to the marriage law that came in on 5th November. You'll need to check. I was at a wedding in January and I am 99% sure that the wording was slightly different (don't worry, if this is the only change, no one will ever notice).
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Hi, At the beginning of the ceremoney the priest asks something like "is there any legal reason why you cant get married" (or something alone those lines) I have checked this with my priest and he said it does not need to be entered into the mass booklet. He will just simply ask you both. Your mass booklets should be fine
signorina_matrimonio Posts: 1297
Shure no worries - everyone at this stage will have their eyes on your guys tying the knot O-O