maternity bras for HUGE boobs before pregnancy!

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TAZ DEVIL Posts: 1706
hi im looking for a maternity bra normally im 32GG and ive already gone up a size or two and im starting to have 4 boobs in my clothes :-8 the thing is everywhere iv looked for maternity bras stop at F's!!im hoping they dont get any bigger because im only 5"2!!also is it true you cant wear underwire?? didnt know this with dd, and i was 32C before her! thanks :wv
Veruca-Salt Posts: 1542
I get my bras from Bramora, just off St Stephens green, have not gotten maternity bras :-8 but I know they stock them in larger cup sizes. They have a website, I always go in though because they are very good at fittings (and I keep gaining weight so I never know what size I am :eek :o0 ) and they only seem to have some of their stock available online- might be worth giving them a ring to check? Goodluck with the bra hunt! :wv
TAZ DEVIL Posts: 1706
thanks verucca il do that!being looking for an excuse to head to dublin ;o)
wifin Posts: 4761
The ladies in M&S and one of the pregnancy books I have (I have so many that I can't remember which one!) says that you can't wear underwire in pregnancy and it can interfere with milk ducts :wv
jess08 Posts: 481
I second Bramora, they are a little expensive (about 40 per bra) but its amazing the difference being fitted properly makes to how you look and feel!!!! The girls there are big boobed themselves (thats why they started the shop in the first place) and one of them has recently enough had a baby so knows what its like. hth
marianf Posts: 5845
I bought mine from Figleaves and am delighted with them. Granted I didn't get fitted properly. I will over the next few weeks though. I just up-ed the cup size and use bra extenders for the band.
babychino Posts: 634
I've gone from a 34 FF to 36 G and I'm only 12 weeks!!!! I got beautiful bras Peaches & Cream with plastic underwire (safer for pregnant boobs) They're in the Hibernian Mall just off Grafton St in Dublin. You need an appointment for a fitting, the number is 01 6708804 The lady there said that as the bump grows the underwire becomes very uncomfortable & can cause bruising, so its safer to wear the proper maternity/nursing bras when your bump appears. They have some really pretty ones and stock up to a K cup.
TAZ DEVIL Posts: 1706
thanks so much ladies as always very helpful, i sent an email to bramora asking bout sizes ect, she said its safe to wear underwire right up until birth and then after it wear nursing bra to protect milk duds. to be on safe side im gonna go up end of feb and get maternity bra with cup and back size bigger, the prices i find are great i usually have to shell out average 40 quid for a bra for my size anyway!! :o(