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io Posts: 136
Am off sick today, so flicking around the channels I came across this american programme. Basically a couple move in together and a interior designer creates a new look for their home, using the things they each already had. The couple are surprised with the new look at the end of the show. But what freaked me out was the couple went off to get married while the house was being done up. [b:1ueu5399]And had their first kiss on the altar after they said I do![/b:1ueu5399] With all the relatives looking and laughing! I'd be morto.
blablablabride Posts: 489
What???? You mean they have never had a snog???? :eek
playabella Posts: 543
They had their first kiss at the alter - and they live together - that can't be right!!
io Posts: 136
I think she was moving in after the wedding. But first snog on tv. After she married the guy.
playabella Posts: 543
Oh my god - how weird is that. Imagine if she slobbered all over her. I'd be looking for a divorce!!
Strawberee Posts: 50 [i:28xlbu5q]always[/i:28xlbu5q] try out the good before purchasing love :o0