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StarLilly Posts: 684
Hi all, I'm 8 + 4, and researching my options. I know I want midwife led care. I'm linked with the Rotunda as I had to attend the early pregnancy unit at 6 weeks and 8 weeks - everything fine thankfully. But I can't find anything online about what their facilities are like for the midwife service, or any recent reviews. The Coombe has a great website, and mentions private delivery suites, birthing pool, birthing balls, etc - all of which I really want. But I live in north Dublin so don't know if I can attend due to catchment area. I don't know if midwife care in Rotunda just means attending satellite clinics, and otherwise you labour and give birth as normal in wards with others who aren't on midwife scheme? Or if I'm wrong in thinking the Coombe do it differently? Would really appreciate any information, reviews or experience. Thanks!
Sinead Nic Gabhann Ceremony Singer Posts: 1274
Hey there, If you search for GentleBirth mums on facebook it's a great group and you will find lots of help and advice on there. Most of the mummy's there go midwife led. Hth Sinead
mrsmoo2202 Posts: 1930
No matter what led care or hospital you choose you have a private delivery suite. I was domino in the coombe, you need live in west Dublin/ Kildare to avail of it, the appointments are all done in the satillite clinics and you only attend the hosp for scans and delivery. The domino midwives are separate to the hospital midwives, id the misfortune of being induced at 12 days over and having to be transferred to the public system, and I only saw our domino midwife after baby was born as she bumped into hubby in the corridor.
StarLilly Posts: 684
Thanks ladies, I looked at Gentlebirth FB page and a few friends of friends are on if so I'll wait til after the 12 weeks to join it. I'm not doing the domino scheme, I don't live in that catchment area, it's midwife led care, which I think is a bit different - it is satellite clinics though. Sorry to hear of your experience. Actually - if I get transferred to public if I have difficulties - does that mean I'm not entitled to the home visits, early discharge, etc anymore? Anyone else any experience of midwife care in rotunda? Would just really like some info on birth practices - how active birth it is, what, if any, equipment there is like the balls, etc, supportive of non-instruments, etc. Would just like to be making decisions now if I can