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MaltaMammy Posts: 853
Hi everyone, Apart from a cold compress, can anyone tell me if there is any remedy out there to relieve migraines? I woke up with a hellish migraine this morning which lasted all day, I thought I was having a stroke or something, and to make it worse I had my 'booking in' appointment and 1st scan this morning so that was just over 3 hours in the hospital under bright lights and listening to screaming kiddies! I can't take paracetamol as it makes me vomit so any remedies or advice you all might have would be much appreciated! Thanks! MM
lisa Posts: 1612
Have you tried alternating between hot and cold compress. It work great for severe sinus pain. Hot compress for 20 secs then cold for 20 secs? Worth a try.
originalwoowoo Posts: 867
You really should see your GP to see if there is something safe that can be prescribed.
steen Posts: 1335
Maltamammy, I get migraines as well and actually had one yesterday. I find if I just go bed with all the lights out and sleep or just close my eyes with a cold compress works the best.
Churchview Posts: 37
Hi maltamammy, I had a severe migrane on Tuesday ended up vomiting with the pain, I get them a few times a year and usually blast them with paracetamol and nurofen but couldn't do that this time! As i said pain was so bad I ended up voimiting a couple of times so rang my doctor and he prescribed paramax which is an old migrane reliever, (safe to take during pregnancy) the relief of knowing that I can take this in future is worth anything, I have them in my handbag for emergencies. It does contain paracetamol though. I would definately go to your doctor and ask his advice as there is nothing worse and I know I would take anything if it would help! Migranes are the worst.