MIL outfit similar to MOB

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Winnieme15 Posts: 13
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whereland Posts: 472
You're reading too much into it. It's not your problem if they're wearing similar outfits! No one will notice or remember! I could barely tell you what my own mother and MIL wore to my wedding! It seems like the biggest thing in the world at the time but it's really not.
craftyPB Posts: 2625
I'd be upset too. Before saying anything to MIL, I'd chat to your mum and see how she feels about it. What does your fiancé think? Are they so alike that they'll look their they're wearing the same dress or will they just complement each other well in photos? Perhaps they'll style them differently with accessories?
Winnieme15 Posts: 13
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b√°nybride Posts: 21
Hi there, isnt it funny how us brides overthink everything :) please dont worry a bout small things as it will take from the build up of everything. I swear this time last year i was worked up about lots of little things, im a nurse and was looking after a lady whos daughter was due to get married the same week as me last october- this lovely lady took a turn for the worst and her condition became tirminal so i watched her daughter get married in a 6 bedded hospital room with her mum and family and i can tell u all the small bits didnt matter anymore. I hope i haven't bummed you out but after that to me it really didnt matter once we both got married :) :)