Morning sickness

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CluelessGal Posts: 80
hi again girls, anyone got any advise on how to get past MS? I feel nauseous most of the day (haven actually been sick so i know im blessed there) everyday and was wondering if anyone has any tips on how they overcame this if it's possible to over come. Is there any medication out there and does it really work? Thanks again girls :o)ll
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
i was like you, never actually sick but nauseas all the time. I found eating small amounts regularly helped. You might something on this post that might help:
CluelessGal Posts: 80
thanks for that Winter2Be it's a great thread. like some of the girls say eating small amounts but often seems to help. The salt and vinegar crisps do help, hunky dorys are helping at the moment.
mimiblossom Posts: 589
I had quite bad morning sickness (or 'all day puking' as i call it) and i got loads of people giving me tips. Some worked for a while, some didnt work at all but you should just try a few things and see. Eating little and often Nibbling on crackers Eating melon first thing in the morning (preferably before you even get out of bed. . . you need to have a nice patrtner!!) Sour sweets (sour wine gums) Elderflower cordial (supposed to settle your tum) And check your diet to see if there are things that make you feel more nauseous and cut them out. I couldnt have milk for months. So no cereal or tea dor me. HTH
sparklybabe Posts: 3353
all of the above and also ginger ale in the mornings before you get out of bed or a ginger biscuit. get up slowly and rest on the side of the bed for a min too.
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
Hi I was really sick with morning sickness and practically lived on my couch. The only thing that worked for me was accupuncture. I couldn't believe the difference from the very next day.
CluelessGal Posts: 80
girls how did you cope with MS and work if you were so ill? i read that oj was good but i tried that yesterday and it made me sick. I am hoping mine doesnt get any worse as cant face getting out of the bed in the mornings. on another subject, i never officially changed my name when i got married last year but when i was completing the application form to health board maternity services i put down my married surname. Will this cause issues if I havent officially changed it with the tax office etc? thanks :-)
Crostini Posts: 1105
I tried everything above , NOTHING worked. I have an hour drive to work in the morning so it was quite an ordeal most mornings. I puked from morning til night though. literally had to bring sick bags in the car with me and pull over while being sick!
CluelessGal Posts: 80
oh god that's awful, you poor thing. how long did your MS last. I'm only about 6 and half weeks so i'm praying it doesnt get any worse. Did you miss much work if you were puking so often?
Crostini Posts: 1105
it started around 6 weeks and started to taper off towards week 13-14. It got very bad one week where i couldn't even keep sips of water down so i missed 4 days from work that week. other than that though didn't miss any other days. you just got to leg it to the loo in work whenever I felt like being sick, also used to just leave for work a little early just in case i had to pull over on the way.