Movement & Kicking etc?

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adelz Posts: 3088
Hi all, I am having plenty of movement and kicking thank god, but in past day or so I find its more gliding under the skin and when kicks its not as strong on stomac but feels like its internal....does that make sense? Im thinking its way babs is lying and prob is kicking towards my back more than tummy or possibly the placenta is in front of babs as way of lying? Has anybody experienced this??? Thanks all.
beatingmyselfintoadress Posts: 2387
Babsdel, I had a similar thing with DS. It was like he changed from kicking to turning and squirming. Towards the end I was convinced I could see his bum moving right across my bump! I think the way they move changes as they get bigger. It was all prefectly fine with DS anyway.
adelz Posts: 3088
Super thanks for that, yeah its kicking away now again and can feel it bttr. I had scan on tues and all was well another one nxt fri so will say it then, but its funny when you feel them gliding under your skin! They obv turning or that....It is lovely though. Thanks again :wv
happy mummy Posts: 424
I've noticed in the past couple of weeks that babs is squirming loads and kicking/punching less. At times you can see little lumps (obviously a foot, hand, knee or elbow) gliding across my bump - hubby doesn't particularly like this, he said its like the movie Alien :o0 but personally I love it! I'll really miss it when babs is finally here!!
adelz Posts: 3088
Thanks, yeah babs is kicking again but I notice its downward more, its not as much through my stomac, but yeah the gliding under my skin is still going on etc. Other night I could feel a foot or a hand, let dh feel it and he wasn't impressed :o0 It is a lovely feeling :lvs