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wombat Posts: 25
Appreciate any opinions or feedback on their work. Has anyone ever had their product fitted or had any problems etc. Their quote is at least 2k cheaper than a local company with good reputation but am so tempted to go with cheaper option. Is it a question of you get what you pay for? Either way, it's a lot of money that I can't justify saving if quality isn't great... Just worried.....
CappuccinoHeaven Posts: 1081
Hi wombat. We are currently looking at windows and I had always thought we would go with Munster as some family members used them. However I have received negative feedback from at least 4 people about their quality and as a result will no longer be considering them, eventhough they are a good bit cheaper. I defintiely think it's worth paying the extra, you don't want to have problems in a years time and then end up paying more. HTH
wab0607 Posts: 213
Hi wombat. We have them in our house, which was part of a development, and have no problem with them, been in the house 7 years now. I know my parents changed their windows a few years ago but they found Munster Joinery unhelpful because their windows were not standard size and Munster were not interested in doing anything that needed to be custom made. They ended up going with a different company as a result. So I suppose if your windows are standard size and shape they're fine but anything out of the ordinary maybe not so good. Saying that we are using them again for our new build but our builder will be standing over that work and he has a very good rep for after care so I'm not concerned. Hope this helps.
b2b 2011 Posts: 34
hi, we have munster joinery windows in our house as part of a development. They are oak effect and they are perfect. After care was good i did hear from a friend of my H2b that he got different prices for same windows from two different sales men or that they would do triple glazing for the same prices as double glazinf
Satine Posts: 790
I have an uncle who is in the window business, and he said to me, whoever you get to put in your windows, don't ever get munster joinery. He said the amount of times they were called out to fix munster joinery windows is unreal. Also, I was in my friends house this weekend, and he got munster joinery to put in windows a couple of months ago. They didn't fit the upstairs window right, and seemingly over the past 2 months, it destroyed the outside of the house. To be honest, I don't know the exact details, but the wall above the door had to be knocked out and build up again, all because muster joinery messed up. Just thought Id tell ya my opinion!! Sorry for the rambling!!!
IndigoMoon Posts: 2842
Can I offer you an alternative to Munster Joinery. We went to visit these at the window on behalf of a client. Bunmahon windows DH thought that they were an excellent window. They travel all over
Inline - Algarve WP
annonTTCer Posts: 532
we got our windows from Munster, my dad is a builder and has used munster for years without any compliants Obvioulst with everything here is always some little glithc, after 1.5 yrs we had smudged n the inside of one of our frnech doors, rang munster and without any hassle the glass was replaced. this was one pane of glass out of the whoe house, the rest are perfect. I'd have no bother recommending them
princess buttercup Posts: 1457
We have them in our house too (part of a development) - no problems with them so far.
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
[quote="crimbob2b":2tr8tjye] if they give you a u value cert you cant go wrong[/quote:2tr8tjye] You should also confirm the windows are internally or externally glazed (ie does the glass go in from the inside or outside). Internally glazed is better for security because a thief can't try to lever the beading out with a knife or something and get into the house. I would also be realistic about where you are in relation to Ballydesmond, ie if you are up in Donegal will they really call back to you if you have trouble, even if they do call back would you be waiting for ages? They had a really bad reputation for after sales but maybe this might be changing as they are not as busy as they used to be.
DDDDH Posts: 1
We have moved into a new housing estate in Wicklow town. The Munster Joinery doors have serious issues in 18 houses in the estate and need to be replaced. Poorly fitted. Sloping inwards/outwards. Big Draughts through between door and frames. Can see daylight through gaps when door closed. Locks jam and difficult to open. Doors and frames warped. Poor window installation. All this in the first 9 months from installation. Service personnel try to explain draughts are to be expected and when fixed door will be very hard to lock. Avoid this company.