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BusyDee Posts: 8527
Im gettin really peed off with my boss. These mornings Im always about 15 mins late (but I stay on the extra 15 mins before I go home) and just get the feeling she thinks Im taking the p!ss. Just coz the roads around work are fine. The roads around where I live are a skating rink at the moment and are really bumpy so one little bump could send you skating. Also the ditch is really low so if I was to slide into the ditch the car would drop about 3/4 foot. Anyway her son is after saying to me "I have to bring mam into town as she hates driving in this weather" O:| O:| O:| O:| O:| O:| Ya well so do I but I dont have anyone to chauffer me around O:| O:| Oh she's just getting on my wick lately. She's also always insisting that she gave me X paperwork and then when I say she didnt, she keeps insisting to the point she's practically calling me a liar. Then she says "oh I'll check the other office" and low and behold EVERYTIME its in the other office and has never given it to me O:| O:| Then she just comes up with it and laughs - no sorry or nothing O:| Got blamed for leaving on a tap in the bathroom over xmas - the cold tap - which I obviously havent used since summer as my hands are cold enough thank you very much O:| O:| O:| Need a change of scenery :o(
MinnietheMinx Posts: 2396
I think it's the time of the year when work really gets on your nerves. Every January I feel the same way. I almost wish I'd get a bad flu/ vomiting bug so I could take a week off work!!
BusyDee Posts: 8527
Nah its been going on for a while now.
manxmrs Posts: 850
I had a lady boss like her one time, and was in a very similar situation. She had a tendency to blame me for everything - inc. flight delays/weather!!! It was truly awful and got to me so much and affected my personal life. After a while though I decided to leave (I wasn't the only one in this role) - best thing I ever did and got something else, although for less money, but don't get the hassle :) If you are fed up and had enough, time to update the CV and register with agencies. I really really hope you get sorted soon either way though.
mrsgameover Posts: 383
Oh Dcee I feel your pain. I only started in a new job a couple of weeks before Christmas and I am ready to pack my bags and head for the hills. For example everyone in the office wears jeans so one day I wore jeans - really good ones I might add with nice boots and a shirt. Anyway I got the "just to let you know jeans are not appropriate". I kinda said ok I had based it on what everyone else was wearing but was just told that wasn't relevant. Signed a contract saying that there was a flexible start and finish time - great I like to start early and finish early so did this one day only to be told that if I wanted to "change" my hours I could do 8.30 to 5 and nothing else. I was so taken aback I couldn't even say a thing. Again plenty of other people are doing the hours I intended to do without issue. One of the other girls doing these hours only started a couple of weeks before me so its not like its standard for new hires or anything. Then today I mentioned that I would bring the laptop home just on the off chance of worst case scenario not being able to get out of the house on Monday. Everyone has been doing this with the bad weather. The response I got was basically come hell or high water I am to be here Monday morning. So so sick of it. I only buried my Dad a couple of months ago and am just about managing to keep myself together and drag my ass out of bed each day without this rubbish on top of it. I'm definitely going to be getting the feelers out their for anything that might be on the horizon. Life is far too short to put up with this
Elly Baby Posts: 37
Oh thank god, I really thought I was the only one being treated like a piece of muck in the office at the moment!! I feel like when I bend over backwards to touch my heels its still not good enough! I'm big time on the look out for something, even though it's prob the worst time ever to start looking! You all have my sympathies, hope it gets better for all of us soon :action32