My bridesmaids dresses arrived from RK Bridal!!

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Lou2009 Posts: 78
And they are fab thank god!! Hope the pic works below - these are the ones I picked but in Burgundy. So happy with them and the girls love them. I got them delivered to New York and collected by my future MIL so didnt have any customs charges. [img:60q0vbla][/img:60q0vbla]
mrstobe09 Posts: 875
they are fab, your bm's must be delighted to be wearing them :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
bridesmaidzilla Posts: 1859
They are gorgeous!!Lucky BMs!! :wv
Roxy07 Posts: 217
They're beautiful! I am seriously considering ordering online for my BM's - was too chicken to do it for my own dress though!
Babydoll82 Posts: 313
They are fab!! I'm ordering mine online cant wait!
Hobnob09 Posts: 128
They are fab, very classy :wv
wexfordbrideoct09 Posts: 41
very sexy but classy at the same time not your typical bm dresses which i love
Lou2009 Posts: 78
Thanks for all the comments girls. :thnk Im so excited about them and the bms looked fab in them!
Roxy07 Posts: 217
what make are they?
Lou2009 Posts: 78
Roxy07 - they are Jim Hjelm no. 5776