My brith story - induced at 12 days

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ruby09 Posts: 157
Hi guys, I cannot believe I am writing this story and that is happened a week ago today. Being someone who was very very nervous of being induced, as it was my first pregnancy I was so afraid of what to expect but for anyone else out there feeling the same it's nothing to worry about. I checked into the hospital last Sunday night 13th Sept, I was to be induced at 6am on the 14th. Didn't sleep a wink and at 7am on the dot the M/W came to do the deed. She did an internal and inserted the pesery (sorry cant spell). I was told to remain in bed for the next hour, breakfast was delivered in the meantime and by 8 I was up and about, scoffed the food and had a shower. Roughly half an hour later I began to feel real pressure on my bottom and accross my back, the only way I can describe it is like having SERIOUS trapped wind. I commented on it to another girl in the ward who was started a day or so prior and she said that it was the same for her and things were moving. Can I just say at this point, I wasn't prepared for just how quickly it can happen for some people, within the next 10-15 minutes I was in agony (can I just say at this point too, have good pain thresh hold), began pacing up and down the corridors. My husband wasn't due to some in until 11am, when the walking became too much, I raised my bed to full height and hovered over it rocking my bum from side to side. This helped somewhat but the pains were so sharp I couldn't concentrate so I decided to head for another walk down the corridor, during this time I met the ward sister and she asked me if I was ok, with that the tears came and I found myself apologising to her for being a 'wimp' so early on.. She said let me examine you and to see if your dilating.. So she examined me and I was 4 cm's.. This was probably in the space of an hour. I was 2 cm's before going into hospital and had dilated a further 2 with the help of the pesery. She said she would ring up to the delivery suite and see how busy they were, she recommended just preparing myself, going upstairs and having my waters broken to get moving. I agreed. With that she went away and made the call. I phoned my husband and asked him to come in. By the time I got ready, had a bath in the meantime waiting on my husband to arrive (excellent relief) it was about 10.30. We headed upstairs and the birthing pool was filled. I only wanted to use it for labour. I was examined again and the M/W broke my waters (didn't feel a thing), I then hovered over to the pool, got in and tried desperately to concentrate on my breathing. The contractions were not at all what i was expecting. The pain in my back was constant, like it was going to break in two, the contractions were strange, I could feel them coming then got a sharp pain all the way from under the bump right up the side. I managed through breathing for a while before taking the gas and air, serious stuff when used correctly, I didn't get that high/drunk sensation people talk about, think it was because I was controlled in my breating only taking 2 massive gulps as the contraction peaked and then a small gulp as it subsided. I rocked back and forth in the pool as this happened also. I have to say the pool was unreal. Highly recomend it. Anyway, a couple of hours later I found I wasn't getting the same relief from the gas and air so I asked to be examined again and to have pethadine. When examined I was 7 cm's.. I thought OMG I can't believe it. So with that was given the pethadine and all I can say girls is that I had some wonderful hours in and out of sleep, my husband went away to the canteen a few times to stock up, the M/w's were chatting away to me making himself tea etc throughout the day. I was still having some gas and air towards the end and after a few hours asked for the epidural.. What I will say from here on in is... Just get it, no point being brave, those who cope without it are seriously strong people, I take my hat off to you but I have to say when it came into effect the remainer of the labour was pure and utter bliss. it seemed to work great on me where I could still feel contractions but no pain.. I wasn't totally numb as some people describe. I was examined again a few hours later and was 9 cm's, it took ages to get to that point and the m/w said if i wasn't fully dialted by the next examination I would need to prepare for a c section. When examined later on I was fully dilated and ready to go. I have to say it was amazing how the all just go on auto pilot and get you prepared for pushing... The Birth This is the part I was dreading, however I had the most positive experience and it was the most amazing experience I will ever have. When ready the M/w told me how to push and with her guidance I just started, I could sorta feel something wanting to some out but could also feel like I could poo at the same time. you have to push via your bum like you are trying to poo.. Anyway, the sensation of almost pooing was hindering me and the m/w cottened onto this telling me she could tell and not to worry, nothing was going to come out. With that I just forgot about it and pushed in 3's as hard as I could, I remember the words of encouragement from the staff and at some point asked if they were taking the piss or if I was really doing that well.. Within 30 minutes or so, the head was out, didn't feel a thing, remember them pausing for a bit and asking me to pant, then the m/w came up real close to me and said one more push and your baby will be here and with that I pushed with all my might and the body just slithered out. I was convinced I was having a girl and when I looked down all I could see was a willy and sack, I started laughing and with that they wiped him down and lay my wee baby boy Sam onto my chest. He cried for a second, began opening his eyes and remained staring at me for the next half hour. It was magical. I couldn't believe he was mine.. The most surreal thing for me was all the panicing before hand wondering about the birth and how sore and horrible it was going to be. The part which I wasn;t prepared for was the short sharp labour pains ( aparently worse for those being induced), the birth part was by far the easiest and calming.. Sam Thomas Walker, born 14th Sept 09 @ 10.50pm, he's just perfect in every sense. It's amazing how the bond between myself and my husband is probably the strongest it will ever be and all through the creation and arrival of our wee boy Sam. p.s sorry if this is full of spelling mistakes, Sam is due to feed shortly and I am typing at a rake of knots.. :)
miracle_baby Posts: 798
Loved reading your story congratulations :o)ll
sunnygirl Posts: 1876
That was a brilliant read ruby09 - congrats!!!!
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
Can I ask what hospital you were in. Thanks and Congratulations!
Gingham Posts: 3014
aw Ruby, what a lovely birth story, such a nice read..congrats on your little man, sam is such a cute name! the Birthing pool sounds fantastic...what hospital was that in?
ruby09 Posts: 157
Hi Pigeonwife, I am based in the Uk. Hospital was Raigmore in Inverness, Scotland.
petunia Posts: 1626
Congratulations Ruby09, MrRuby09 & Sam!! (Sam is a gorgeous name too!)
hugo087 Posts: 315
Congrats Ruby 09 what a lovely birth story! You have really reasured me as regards induction as I keep saying to my hubby I dont want to be induced! Ps Sam is a lovely name! Hugo087
raspberry ripple Posts: 1809
Awww congratulations! Your birth story is great! Welcome to baby Sam :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
mrsodo Posts: 1292
Congrats Ruby to you and your DH!! It sounds like they took great care of you in hospital, glad everything went so well. Welcome to baby Sam :lvs