My day was a blur!!!

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summer09 Posts: 807
I am a bit gutted! Do you know when you know you did things but can't remember how? Its all so blury! Its like when I stepped out of the car to walk down the ailse I lost all my memory! :o( It's quite upsetting ;o(
barbar Posts: 305
Oh no, so sorry to hear that!! You where caught up in the emotion of the day thats why - I'm sure your not the only one that this has happened too! Did you have a video made?? It hasn't been that long since your wedding, so all those memories will come flooding back when you get your DVD and see all the photographs!! Hope your ok hunni!
summer09 Posts: 807
Yeah but it will take a while till I get it! :o( My cousin did a DVD but waiting for him to send! The only way I can desribe it is like being drunk, although I wasn't! Really annoying! :o( :o( :o( :o(
Juno Posts: 2202
dont worry summer, the 2 DVDs will bring it all back, as will seeing your friends photos and your official photos. *)
babydays Posts: 708
A friend of mine said the same thing to me after she got married. But once she sat and watched the DVD and saw loads of photos memories started coming back. The DVD was what helped the most. I wouldn't worry I'm sure you'll remember more as time goes on.