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bridemay Posts: 32
Bride May is now bridemay as lost password when they updated the site and have been trying to get them to email it to me since and have not had a responce so have given up and started all over again!!
clucky Posts: 26471
my god you must be on your 3rd log in at this stage that happened to you before!! :wv i was wondering why your ticker was gone
bridemay Posts: 32
I Know I first joined here over 3 years ago and I think Ive had to change me name 3 or 4 times now . Its either the system suddenly decides it doesn't recognise my password which happened a couple of times when I email WOL for password they never come back to me to I have to re register. This time I had password saved in memory so when they updated site it got lost somehow and I can't remember it. Sent numerous emails to WOL but still haven't got pasword back. So I am a new Wolly again! I should be a super duper extra long wolly at this stage!!