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Princess09 Posts: 821
we just cannot decide about christening our son. We want to have something to mark his arrival though and was just thinking about a naming ceremony. DH and I have different non practicing religions and got married in Italy in a non religous ceremony. Im trying to think of how it may affect him attending a small mainly Catholic school? Is there anything i am not thinking of? Id love to hear from any mums who've had a naming ceremony? Myself and DH dont believe in standing in church and making promises we may not keep and DH agreeing to things he does not believe in. I've searched previous posts on here and found some info but I'm also worried a naming ceremony will work out expensive for someone to carry out and then also a venue! Hope you can give some advice!!
pinky winky Posts: 564
I am having my ds christened at the end of Feb, myself and dh are different religions but we chose to baptise him in the church we got married in and I'm still trying to figure out what to do afterwards, who to invite etc... I didn't realise that these things cost so much... Anyway I went to a baby naming party in a friends house. They got one of those sky lantern things and wrote his name and date of birth and let it off in the back garden and read out a little welcome to the world poem. They didn't bother hiring a celebrant or anything like that. Afterwards we all had nibbles and drinks, it was really nice.
sshh Posts: 416
Hey ya, am very interested in this as well, I am not convinced about baptising any children we may have, but that is a discussion for the future. If you are booking a celebrant I can highly recommend Romy McAuley from A Beautiful ceremony, she was our wedding celebrant and such a nice lady, so sweet. I imagine like with weddings that christenings have a certain cost, eg donation to the church etc so don't let cost put you off having a non-religious day for your new arrival. In terms of how you choose to celebrate it, that is up to you, eg having it at home self catered vs outside catered, having it outside in a restaurant. I def think you could have a naming ceremony in your home, am picturing a lovely sitting room filled with family and friends :) or a garden, depending on weather! If you are planning on having the celebration in an outside venue, then you could see if you could get somewhere that has an indoor area like a conservatory, or gardens, or both and hedge your bets on the weather! You can incorporate lovely elements into it too, imagine having a sand ceremony where you and the baby's father pour sand into a container and don't seal it, as your family grows then you add more sand etc, you could use sand from where you were born, then add sand from where baby was born etc. Or planting a tree in your baby's name. Or name a star after them. Hope this helps, I think having a naming day, either as part of a religious ceremony or not, is a fabulous way to celebrate a new arrival, name important people in the baby's life (maybe legal guardians in place of godparents?), and introduce them to the family/community. Would love to hear more about this!
coraline Posts: 925
I love the sand idea :) We are having our son's naming ceremony in the Unitarian Church in a few weeks. Its totally personal and designed by us, and no denouncing of Satan :) Some info here : My boys will be going to a Catholic school as there isnt really any other option, but they will not be participating in religion class.
beatingmyselfintoadress Posts: 2387
We did ours at home for DS. We had a member of the humanist association perform the ceremony. It was lovely. It was just before Christmas in 2009 so the house was all decorated. We only had a small number of people there. DS's guardians brought little gifts that represented something important in terms of wishes for his future. The ceremony was really lovely and very memorable. Then we had champagne and we just did a small afternoon tea in our home. It was one of the nicest days we ever had. The humanist celebrant cost €250, which is expensive but we felt it was well worth it plus having the food in our home really kept the costs down.
Princess09 Posts: 821
Id love if anyone could provide contact details of their naming ceremony celebrant (if that's the right term?) I've emailed one person, quoted €200 for this. I also emailed the Unitarian Church but they do not offer someone to go to venue of your choice to carry out ceremony.
Princess09 Posts: 821
Also I'm nervous of having someone from Unitarian or Humanist organisation carry out our sons naming ceremony in case this has some more meaning to it than I have time to fully look into right now if that makes sense?
Princess09 Posts: 821
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