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sinion Posts: 6050
I'm losing my reason here so just need a good hard slap in the face. Basically my body has been pretty much prepped and ready for labour for weeks now, at my hospital appointment last week (when I had a sweep done, which did fck all) I was told that everything looked like I was ready to go. Baby is well engaged and has been for about a month, neck of womb is very soft and ripe, been having very strong and painful false labour contractions every day for 4 weeks now (they come for a few hours then disappear O:| ), I have pretty much every single text book sign and symptom of impending labour, except for a show or mucous plug. So why is my body refusing to take the final step? I feel like i'm being slowly tortured to insanity, every single day since about 37 weeks it has felt very much like labour is starting but then it just stops again. So here I am, 9 days overdue and within an inch of being committed. Looks very likely that i'm going to have to wait the two weeks to be induced, will find out on Wednesday at post-date appointment. I don't think I'd mind being over and having to be induced so much, if it wasn't for the fact that i've been teased and fooled into thinking labour is starting for so long now, that's what's driving me insane. Have done every single thing possible to help it along too. Just feeling like such a failure, which I know is ridiculous, but it's so hard to think rationally at this stage. And I'm quite afraid of being induced, so so so badly wanted to go myself :o( Right, rant over, I need to go smash something.
Heavenleigh Posts: 1406
Sinion...I see you´re still here....but I also feel your pain...I was induced 11 days over, and babs finally arrived 13 days after due date.... I had very painful BH as well...thought labour had started for quite a few times but after a warm bath all disppeared again... Anyway, i remember posting the same thing last year...i was sooo p*ssed off at this waiting game and just couldn´t wait anymore to meet babs...tried everything to get things going...walks, raspberry leaf tea, a sweep...but nothing found out after that baby would have never came out itself, cos babs was too big and I was to small. What everybody else says is true though....hang on in it´s only a matter of a few days until you meet your wee bundle...and it will be sooo worth it.. And don´t be scared of being will be fine, just like me ! I will be thinking of you, and can´t wait to read your birth story soon :xxx
sinion Posts: 6050
Thank you thank you thank you, I need a dose of reality! I know so many women have gone through the same so I just need to be reminded of that and that the baby always comes out in the end! As you know, every single hour feels like a week at this stage! O:|
S0phia Posts: 367
Sinion, i just logged on to see if there was any news of you! you must be so fed up at this stage and i know its no good saying not long to go when you are already overdue! I started ML today (37 wks) and dont know what I will do if babs doesnt show up by due date... thinking of you and hoping you go soon girl!
sinion Posts: 6050
You're a pet, thank you! I know, it really is just a couple of days, I really need to keep reminding myself of that!
TracyD Posts: 750
It does feel like a life sentence doesn't sounds like your body is gearing up nicely. Try not to think of what you're experiencing as 'false' labour...there's a lot of work that your body is doing behind the scenes before you start to dilate. We tend to judge progress by dilation but look at all the work you've already done - a ripe cervix, baby well down in the pelvis and good practice contractions. Just like when you follow any exercise program it's always a good idea to warm up the try to think of those contractions as warm ups or toning contractions so you'll be in peak shape and ready to go as soon as your baby gives the signal ! You're on the home rest rest and indulge yourself as much as you can and most of all enjoy the peace and quiet. If you have another baby your next maternity leave will be with a toddler (a very different experience and very little resting going on !) Hope things happen soon for you - hang in there. Tracy
Me Julia Posts: 1352
oh it brings it all back to me...........i was 2 weeks over and Eva would never have come out had i not been induced as she was facing the wrong way round. She was also such a big girl at just under 10lbs. But she did come out in the end with some help. You WILL meet your baby soon. Oh the wait is awful, i feel for you........and the endless phonecalls.......well any news!!!! Drives you nuts, as well as the have you tried having a curry? have you tried sex? er.......just mind your own business will you i wanted to scream. Dh wouldnt come near me!! Oh i look forward to reading your birth story soon, very soon!! Oh and being induced was fine, i know your not worried anyway but just to double assure you, breaking waters...........didnt even feel it!!! Good luck
bellabella Posts: 2750
bellabella Posts: 2750
are you stillm there? No baby yet?hahha only many of those texts have you received? Just wanted to say good luck. So what are you doing today? did you pack socks for labour? Get your dh to bring a cushion for the ride home.
sherbetlemon Posts: 927
Ah god Sinion ye poor thing - was hoping I'd see that you'd had babs over the weekend. Obviously he/she is just waaaaaaaaaay too comfy in there. Don't worry - this time next week you will be holding your gorgeous baby in your arms :lvs