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bonita Posts: 1678
have a wedding to go to next month, its my first wedding since our own one and also its a big family one, I want something fab to wear something i wont have to worry about others being in the same dress, do you know what I mean? Anyway gonna hit the shops this weekend? Anybody any good tips, seen anything nice anywhere or is it all just junk left over frm the sales still
Dream Posts: 266
Hi Bonita - i'm in the same situation as yourself as in have a family wedding and want to look good. How did you get on any recommendations?
MrsIbizaGirl Posts: 979
I think it is still very hard to find anything nice for a wedding. I have a wedding in September and was looking for ages for a dress. I got one but its not very dressy, if you know what I mean. It a friend of h2b who is getting married. I'm still kinda half looking out for something else, but I'm just glad I got a dress at all, which fits me as well!!
Dream Posts: 266
well at least you have a dress to fall back on should you not get anything else. I agree though it is bad timing, hopefully in teh next few weeks new stock will be in although Coast have new stock in but it's all very very plain and boring. I have my heart set on a royal blue below the knee dress which is not a good idea as i cant settle for much else :o(
kylieg Posts: 4
I've got the same problem. Cousin's wedding next month. Looked around in debenhams but couldn't find a thing. Also, with the weather at the moment, it's really hard to predict what to wear (the reception is outside). I'll post if I find anything, but would really appreciate any advice from anyone here. :)
stockbroking bride Posts: 2642
LK Bennett in Dundrum or Kildare Village have some lovely dresses - and they're not in every town/city in the country so it's unlikely that someone else will have the same thing.
bonita Posts: 1678
hey dream, its such a coincidence you are looking for a royal blue dress, Im also looking for that colour or else dark purple like milk tray purple iykwim - Im gonna head out this weekend so I'll report back if theres anything nice. SBB LK Bennett is good, i always forget to go out to them when im in dundrum - thanks for the reminder. Also a girl in work mentioned clearys have some nice things, now i wouldn't have thought of going there.
westgirl Posts: 128
Hi guys, anyone find anything nice in shops???...also have wedding to go to & just wondering where in Dublin to go.Have been to coast, monsson etc...not much...
amalfi Posts: 191
Try some of the small boutiques.Less risky. There are still bargains to be had, as they have to get rid of their stock. Arnotts, have some great labels too, worth a look!!!!
gone elsewhere Posts: 1780
My friends and I have done a few 'swaps' in recent months for weddings! Saves trawling shops for something you won't wear much. Actually one friend is wearing a dress I bought last month to a wedding next week!