need to cover bridesmaids tatoo

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nov08 Posts: 45
Hi Girls, I hope you can help, I am getting married in 5 weeks and we have spent all year looking for a specific colour wrap for my one and only bridesmaid, to cover her tatoo. She is wearing a dark green, and he skin is very fair, her tatoo is on her shoulder blade, and i dont want people to be staring at it while she has her back to them all at the church. we have tried hickey's and other fabric shops and they do not have the right colour. does anyone have any ideas on how to cover it, i know this might seem silly but i just really dont want to see it on the wedding day, and it is quite a big tatoo. any help would be great. Thanks
Juno Posts: 2202
Make Up Forever in Dublin have something for covering tattoos! Its pretty good, a friend of mine's BM used it on her shoulder too. Mrs. Ted xx
The Wife! Posts: 384
Could you get a wrap that is not the same colour but matches it. Something that matches the flowers maybe? Cream??
Spudnik2b Posts: 1804
Definitely go with the cover up make up, saves you the heartache of the wrap, my friend used the make up to cover up a tattoo on her chest and it worked wonders
nov08 Posts: 45
Thanks girls, we have tried the wrap in alt colours and it hasnt been a success, but i hadnt thought of Makeup forever, will give it a go, Thanks
miamia Posts: 673
MAC do body makeup too, all the celebs use it!! Good luck M x
puggle Posts: 848
If you are having a make up artist, they should be able to cover the tatoo. Maybe check with her if she could do it? I was reading an article in one of the bridal magazines at the weekend. It was a make up lesson by Marie Joseph (, she mention a particular make up set that you can get to cover tatoo but said really it's best left to the professionals.