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Crostini Posts: 1105
My sis is getting married and we are currently in the throws of looking at venues. The ceremony would be in Newbridge. Co.kildare and we need to find venues no more than an hour away. preferable something with a bit of a wow factor but sensible budget wise. The following is what we have so far. Kilashee - out Osprey -Out standhouse -out Keadeen - out Kinnitty Castle - in recievership so not sure if safe to book! Station house Kilmessan - out Liffey valley house hotel - out Leixlip house Hotel - out Glenroyal -out Westgrove clane - out Ardenode - out Bloomfield - out Mount Wolsely - in consideration Ballykealy - out Johnstown hotel enfield - out hamlet court -out Heritage in portlaoise - in recievership so not sure i'm runnign out of ideas! HELPPPPPPPPPP >:o)
lush11 Posts: 2877
Why are so many of them out? I was at the Keadeen a few years ago and it was gorgeous.
nelswife Posts: 3869
Do you mind me asking why you have ruled out so many venues?... +1 on the Keadeen my sister got married there and it was nothing short of fanastic, west grove in clane is fab too, was at a wedding there few weeks ago and the food & service were brill, i got married in Killashee and that was also ( of course i am biased) was fantastic they were brill, food & service and nothing was a problem for them) The Bridge House isn Tullamore is fab!!....They do a great deal on weddings, 100 people 4 course meal, glass and top up of wine and afters food for €5000....It is not that far from Newbridge ( i don't think) anyway Or The Hamlet in Enfield, was also at a wedding here and i just loved the place, food, service all just also fantastic!! (they have loads of deadly extras)
StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402
Barberstown Castle Dunboyne Castle Trim Castle Hotel Knightsbrook
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
Trim Castle Hotel, County Meath. (The website isn't great, there's only one expensive package on there, but they're doing a mid-week one, you need to go and talk to them about it) That's where we're having ours and they're doing a great midweek package for €55 a head. They'll also extend this package to some weekend dates, as far as I know, if you can guarantee them a minimum of XX number of guests. Not sure on the actual numbers. It's a fab hotel, food is great and they're wedding specialists. The views are stunning and everytime we've been there so far we've been blown away. (Am also curious as to why all those place are out? Are they booked already for her date or did she just not like them?)
mrsG2b2011 Posts: 748
Yes why have you ruled out so many, is it cost wise or you just don't like the venues? I was expecting you to ahve ruled out a few and I was going to suggest a few others, but everything I was basically going to suggest you have ruled out. I'm from Louth myself but h2b is from Newbridge so we took a look at a load of venues on your list and loads of them are fab. We ourselves have picked Killashee house, but some of the others are equally as nice. What about the Bridge House hotel, in Tullamore, only an hours drive from Newbridge? The entrance to the hotel is gorgeous and they've a lovely spa. We considered there but didn't find the staff to be the most organised as we planned an appointment 2weeks in advance and travelled down from Dublin only to find there was a conference on in the room so we couldn't see it. Have heard other good reports though and they've recently done up their big ballroom. What about carlton abbey hotel in Athy or the clanard court? Haven't been to either but pics look nice on website and they;'re within your travel time.
Crostini Posts: 1105
well she doesn't want anything in naas or newbridge as many of her friends have got married at those hotels recently or have them booked. the others are out for several reasons including budget and room size etc! need something below 70 per head. Love Kilashee myself, but she has been to several weddings there and didn't like it. Westgrove - no gardens really so out Barberstown, her friend has it booked so doesn't want to step on anyones toes! Knightsbrook was a little pricey . ok trim castle and dunboyne, forgot about them must look up clanard and the bridgehouse Keep em coming!
Happily Ever After Posts: 547
Hi there, I am getting married next year in Mount Wolseley absolutely fell in love with the place! Staff are great food is great the place is beautiful... But we also looked at Tulfarris on the Blessington Lakes which is stunning also and although it has been taken over by the bank they are running it as a an ongoing concern so there are no problems to be had and I believe they are doing very well. It has stunning views and food etc is great... Hope this helps good luck
Crostini Posts: 1105
how did you find mount wolseley to haggle with?
LastRolo Posts: 6892
Again, I have to ask - why are so many ruled out? If it was something specific why you ruled these out, then it would help us to recommend a venue.