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teenyweeny Posts: 25
hi girls, I'm new to all this. Myself and himself have finally decided to get hitched (after a seven year wait!) Not sure whether this is the right section, but just looking for advice on how to manage a tight budget, looking for a nice venue and have the wedding of my dreams. I'm not particularly religous, but don't want to get married in a registry office. My ideal wedding would be and evening ceromony, followed by an informal meal, and a good knees up. I am not interested in wedding singers, or wedding bands for that. My other half is mad into footie, I would love to organise a footie match on the day with him and his mates, while me and the girls go for a spa treatment (nice and relaxed) . Then head off to a nice country house and have a meal and a good session. I know this may not sound like the wedding of someones dreams, but I would really love something like this. Going overseas is not an option. We will probably set the date for early 2010, any ideas or suggestions would be most welcome. We are in Dublin but will consider meath, wicklow and kildare as venues
bridesmaidzilla Posts: 1859
First of all teeny weeny,welcome to WOL and congratulations!It's a great feeling to be able to set a date and organise your wedding! As for your plans,you have a few options. I would check with the registrar in your county about licensed venues for civil ceremonies, there may be somewhere in your area where you could have the ceremony, check out to help with the legal side, they have a list of venues that are registered for civil ceremonies. Also, as far as I know,a civil ceremony has to take place on a weekday. This site is an incredible source of information,you'll find everything you need here!! Enjoy!:wv
emma1980 Posts: 2219
welcome to WOL and congrats...have a look in the supplier directory you mite find some usefull venue ideas there. good luck with the he way, sounds like a fab idea O-O
blueswallow Posts: 1244
Hi, and welcome. As far as I know, you are restricted to getting married during the daytime, both by law and because the registrars probably won't make themselves available on an evening. We're having a civil ceremony in a hotel. Just wondering if you could find a nice country house hotel with a spa and extensive grounds so you could incorporate the spa for the girls and the football match with the guys within the hotel complex and then have the ceremony and reception all at the same location? There are some places you can get exclusivity of if you book all the rooms. Try the blue book for ideas: