New years eve

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newyear08 Posts: 580
Just wanted to see what everyone has got booked etc for the big day - just so I can see how far I am doing :wv
ooddles1 Posts: 273
ok i'm getting married on 13th december 08 and so far i've been really organised, i've booked venue booked( where ceremony will also be held) Music (booked) Photographer(booked) BM dresses bought Wedding dress bought(and accessories too) Favours choosen invites choosen Cake choosen thats about it so far how about you???
newyear08 Posts: 580
Thank god!! I am not the only Monica :o0 out there Have following booked - Church Venue Car's Choc Fountain Church Decor / reception decor ( linen's / chair cover's etc) Florist. Dress ordered (states collecting Jan) B/m dress's picked & Flower girl's Dj provisionly booked ( send deposit) Videpgrapher.
Moncai Posts: 364
O my God, I'm New Years Eve 08 as well and I've been putting off booking stuff thinking it was too early but I should prbably get my ass in gear!