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blueboots Posts: 833
Hi there Does anyone know where i can get a nice 2013 diary as a gift for someone? The person actually really likes diaries incase anyone is wondering why i am buying a diary as a present. :o0 Thanks!
Busbybabe Posts: 562
The National Gallery in Dublin has some nice diary's in their shop. Also saw a few in TK Max yesterday so worth taking a peep in there. You might be lucky!
FastLane Posts: 252
Paper blanks are lovely too, usually have them in bigger book shops but I haven't been able to find a 2013 one yet
lorraine78 Posts: 988
Pip Studio do beautiful diaries,have a look on their website.
excitedlady Posts: 431
Have you thought of having a photo one fine for her? I did one last year and it was lovely. You can order them from photo box and they aren't that dear or hard to do. If that's not an option my mam bought me a beautiful one from one of those calendar stalls that pop up in the shopping centers around Christmas time.
blueboots Posts: 833
Thanks girls for all your suggestions :wv
mammy2011 Posts: 1388
Cath Kidston do lovely ones.