No heartbeat at 8 weeks!!

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mol36 Posts: 140
Hi all, Just wondering if anyone can help/give advice. I found out a few weeks ago i was pregnant and then started to slightly bleed - wasn't too worried as it was brown and only a small bit. I had scan at 6 weeks but they couldn't hear heartbeat as it was too early so they brought me back in last monday. Per my dates i would of been 8.5 weeks but i am certain that i conceived on 1 march so i was 8 weeks that monday if that makes sense. They couldn't find heartbeat either by abdominal or internal scan and told me i more than likely have lost it. But the sac has grown since the last scan and it is still perfectly shapped so there is a slight slight possibility that it might be too early to hear heartbeat but prob not. I am devastated and trying not to cling onto the hope cause i know chances are i'll prob start bleeding soon.. I am booked in for another scan on monday to confirm everything. I was just wondering has anyone ever heard of a heartbeat not being heard or am i being silly clinging at straws. By looking up net it seems there should defo of been a heartbeat especially from the internal scan...
Piggle Posts: 1770
Awh hun, I have been there, a few times! The sac got bigger for me to the last time for some strange reason! But no feotal pole and no heartbeat! Out of five times this is my only good experience of seeing a heartbeat at 8 weeks, and the only time I have gone beyond 12 weeks, but I am sorry I can't give you hope! This waiting game is the worst thing! You should never give up hope but false hope is the worst, and the hospitals are so good at not telling you enough information so you go home wondering and hoping and clinging on to every shred of hope! I hope it all works out for you, and you know where we are if you need to chat xxxxxx On a positive note : 8 Weeks is when the heart starts beating, so you would never know! I am sure there are girls here that have opposite stories of mine and have had healthy babies!
Millie- Posts: 490
mol36, i'm afraid i don't have an answer to this but i just wanted to say that i really hope and pray that everything works out for you. my heart goes out to you- its such a terrible time waiting and hoping. take care of yourself x.x