No movement at 22 weeks?

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newlywed2009 Posts: 38
Hi girls I'm 22 weeks and I haven't felt any movment yet is this normal, should I have felt something by now? I said it to my gp this week and she said you should feel movement around 24 weeks.
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
Everyone's different and some people say they can feel kicks at 12 weeks :eek and others not really at all, it can depend on your body and also the postion of baby and where the placenta is. As long as your doc is happy i wouldnt worry although im sure you are dying to feel those first little kicks :lvs
cheerio Posts: 275
I can't remember what stage I felt movement at, sorry. I think it was around your stage. But it could just be that you don't recognise the movement for what it is. I remember feeling a strange sensation and not realising it was babs until it happened a good few times and started getting stronger. hth
suitcase of hopes and dreams Posts: 2932
Dont worry hun i felt nothing till near 25 wks, once your doc is happy try not to worry, i know easier said than done *)
Hugz Posts: 410
I found at 22 wks that I was asking myself 'was that a movement'... wasnt sure. At 24 wks you will get definite movement. Happens at diff times for everyone and if you are quite active it could be happening and you wouldnt notice. Even at 27 wks I find babs is much more active when I've been sitting down a bit... likes relaxing haha.
newlywed2009 Posts: 38
Hi girls thanks for all your replies, I guess I cant wait to feel the first kicks!