No Period - Day 43

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maryj Posts: 48
Good morning girls, Have any of you experienced the following or would have any advise. I came off the pill 4 months ago, my cycles have been 28days, 47days, 32 days. Today is day 43. I have done 2 pregnancy tests and it says negetive. Around day 30 I had a slight brown discharge for around 24 hours. I thought it was the start of my P but nothing came of it. Last night I felt I had definately got my period as I felt wet. When I went to the toilet there was alot of clear mucus. I am hardly ovulating on day 43 am I?? Any advise would be much appreciated.
mjm Posts: 393
maryJ not sure whats going on with you, but can share my expierences, when I came off pill, first cylce was 36 days, then 42 days and during both cylces I had brownish discharge for 36 hours like you describe, also had EWCM at many different stages, but for me things seem to have gotten more normal now and I put it down to taking agnus castus,(thanks to advise on this forum) I took it for ten days of last cycle and AF arrived day 28 am and I am still taking it and feeling much more myself again - took ages for my body to be back to normal (fingers crossed), I am off pill over 5 months now. hope this helps and best of luck to you. mjm