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wedjul05 Posts: 5673
My brother just sent me scan pics via email of his baby as his wife is 12 weeks pregnant. I am not sure if this is what I want to be looking at first thing in the morning and considering I am going for a scan for PCOS on friday. His wife knows we were trying and are having problems. Am I being too sensitive?? A little bit of tact would be nice. :o(
luigi Posts: 867
Oh, I really feel for you :o( It must be really hard to deal with this type of thing when you are TTC yourself, but Im sure your brother is just so excited that all his tact went out the window and he didnt mean to hurt your feelings. Men sometimes dont understand these things and he probably just thought you'd be as excited as him, without even registering that you're having a tough time. I really hope you get good news about the PCOS and you'll be sending out your own baby scan pictures soon. :babydust:
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
I know, he is such a child still! He is just really really excited about the whole thing. Can't blame him. I would rather they send me pics etc than tip-toeing around me, I would feel bad if they did that. Just feeling sorry for myself. Didn't know how to react when I saw the pics.
so_clear Posts: 397
Hi Wedjul05, Maybe your brother didn't want to leave you out of the email if he was mailing a lot of people. Also, I don't think people realize how sensitive those TTC can be when it comes to hearing about other people and their BFPs / pregnancies. I hope you're doing ok and good luck with your PCOS scan. :action32