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biscuit Posts: 166
Hey girlies! some of us are on the home stretch at this stage and can see the light/end of the whole pregnancy business and others have given birth already. I'm almost 39 weeks and getting excited already. I live quite a distance away from my family and hubby's family(We're from the same area) However, we're going home for Christmas- making the most of the attention. Plus, I know I may not feel like having a drink or going anywhere for that matter but I like the fact that I have the option. The fact that we'll have both families on hand for support, we're going to use it. TBH, our families won;t be making the 100 mile plus journey down to see us in Limerick so we might as well enlist their help homeside. Do any of the rest of you have similar plans at Christmas? Am I being selfish in thinking like this? Best of luck everybody.
sally Posts: 1140
We live near hubbys folks so will be up there for Christmas day with the dinner handed up to us and lots of hands to hold baby. Id say they will be over to us a lot when she is born and hopefully will be helpful. My family will visit when baby is born and after Christmas but unfortunetly wont be able to stay too long. Would dream of making the three hour journey home with a new baby and in the cold weather so will be staying put. Im due next wed but reckon could go two weeks over so baby may only be two weeks old. Have you all your pressies bought... I have them all bought and wrapped expect for one but have decieded no one is getting a card this year as dont want to write from Sally, Mr. Sally and baby.... would prefer a name to put down. Dont thing it will be my first priotiy after birth and cant see hubby doing them so Im sure people will understand.
breeze Posts: 1175
My parents live about 15 mins drive from us, we are having dinner with them this year and hopefully we will have the new arrival with us. Nearly 35 weeks (due 26.12.07) and i just have a feeeling i will go early, everybody says you do on your second so fingers crossed. Good luck to you both :o)ll :o)ll
twinssep Posts: 1242
well girls both our families live near but we lived in uk 4 9 yrs and this is our 2nd xmas home we like being at home with the kids but my mum was so funny cosidering im due a wk b4 xmas i thought she would ask us for dinner oh no she told me to send my turket to her and she would cook it!!!!!