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buttercupbabe Posts: 1224
Hi girls, I'm a long way off buying anything but can't resist having a look :-8 some of the stuff is so gorgeous, particularly in Mamas & Papas. Just wondering what other shops are there to buy the nursery furniture & what did you buy? I think we're going to use the box room (standard 3 bed semi) for the nursery so unfortunately its not very big. I had thought I'd love a rocking chair for breast feeding. Is this practical or realistic? Someone said to me that the baby would get too used to the rocking motion & not settle otherwise.... could this be true? I'd probably buy the cot & dresser with cot top changer. Not sure if I'd fit much else :o( Just interested to hear what other people are doing/have done.... :wv
Daff Posts: 11644
I always think the M&Ps stuff is very expensive for the quality of the stuff, it's not great. We got cotbed from and I know people rave about Ikea too, very good quality. We had a rocking chair in nursery (was the same one my parents bought when they were expecting me :lvs ) and it never got used cause I was BF. DD was in the room with us in her crib right beside the bed and when needed a feed I just popped her in bed beside me - the joys of BFing is that you can do it lying down :o0 Then she started STTN and we've been very lucky that even when sick or teething she still genereally will sleep or will wake and self settle.
buttercupbabe Posts: 1224
thanks for that, ill check out ikea. Im in Dublin & had a quick look at the little dreamers site. they seem to only be in Galway so no good for us :o(
Daff Posts: 11644
I'm in Dublin too but just got it delivered. Risky I know but that was back when the recession hadn't really kicked in and we still had the Celtic Tiger glow about us :o0 God those were the days O:| Have to say though it's a fabulous cotbed, it's a white bailey's sleigh cotbed and I love it :lvs No way can we afford another one for this LO so we'll be off to Ikea most likely this time round. Have a good look though and think of things like how they'll be teething and does the cot dent easily when they've a LO standing up gnawing on the side :o0 Tony Kealys in Walkinstown have gorgeous stuff too. Went in there on this pregnancy and nearly had to walk out it was so depressing all the nice stuff I couldn't get :weep :o0
buttercupbabe Posts: 1224
ok, Im converted!!! Initially I just went on to site, saw they were in Galway & closed it. Didnt really think I'd purchse online without being able to see the quality first. I just looked at the bailey sleigh oak cotbed & I love love love it :lvs :lvs :lvs & I think the price is really good. It's like half the price of the one I liked in Mamas & Papas. To be honest, I didnt really like the look of the ones in ikea & they're the best part of 100euro so I'd rather pay €319 for something like the bailey one. thanks a million lovemybaby!! Im going to have a good look round their site now :o0
Daff Posts: 11644
Glad to help :wv we have it in white, don't think they do it anymore though in that colour :o( as I said I :lvs it! Even bought a little net princess thing to do round it but then when DD was born I realised that was a total choking hazard so never got to put it up :-8 :o0
NewMom1 Posts: 1252
we got ours from looks great, quite similar to some of the M&P ones but much better price. They deliver and assemble for just 20quid! this is the bed we got ... ts_id=9600
tribesdoll Posts: 295
We're in a 3 bed as well, and the box room will be the baby's room. I travelled to Dublin to have a look at furniture and was very nearly going to buy the M&P Rialto set. However, I checked out Babyworld in Galway and for an extra 50 euro or something I think this one is of better quality.... They also do them in Bellababy which I believe is opened now in Dundrum... (By the way Babyworld is much cheaper than Bellababy... and they deliver). I like the fact that the changing table converts to a lovely chest of drawers, and the wardrobe is designed to fit maximum amount of stuff... I bought a glider chair in Smyths in the sale after xmas... didn't really think about the baby not being able to sleep without being rocked after :eek
sunny505 Posts: 1807
I got the Toscana range - it's in baby world and mothercare. Ended up geting it in Mothercare as they were doing a 3 for 2 on all furtniture. Got the cot bed, wardrobe and changing table / chest of drawers. Look fab. Also got baby lo glider that also spins - it is sooo comfortable and is an exact match to the other furniture. Have a think about this - how much do you use the guest bedroom? We were all ready to set up in the box room too and dh said to me babs as the 3rd resident of this house should get the next biggest bedroom :lvs So delighted now we decided to set up in the big bedroom. It looks fab - there is space for everything and I want to enjoy baby and have all baby's things ready and set up with plenty of room. We found that we probably only had people staying over five nights a year - what a waste of a room! Please God if we are lucky enough to have number two, then number one would move into box room and we will keep big bedroom as nursery. Edited to Add: Got the exact same range as mentioned above by Tribesdoll.
digsy Posts: 1257
I would not recommend M&P nursery furniture at all, stay away from it at all costs! Very cheap wood and for the price of it, we really wished we had gone to Ikea at the start!