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kittycatt24 Posts: 1322
Girls my legs are gross! the hair grows back on em so quick, so rough and coarse! i might shave in the morning and they will be stubbly by 5pm! cant stand it! feel so gross and unattractive! try to shave them every two days, really want them smooth for my fab h2b! but they are not long enough for waxing! has anyone tried those veet showering creams? any good?
Blossom Cherry Posts: 2701
Hi there, if you could suffer hair for a week or two I would highly recommend that you get them waxed - they will be lovely a smooth for ages and when the hair grows back it's not half as course. The hair needs to be a few mm long in order to het a lovely clean wax HTHn :wv
kittycatt24 Posts: 1322
thanks sparkly lady, ya i love the smooth feeling from a good wax, but its just waiting to get them done is the prob! hate the bristley feeling as does h2b! and i feel ugh when he goes for them and they are not so smooth!
sweets78 Posts: 346
I also suffer hairy legs and every other part of my body, except my head :) were my hair is very fine.I get waxed regulary but have the grooling task of letting the hairs grow a few mm befor waxing, On the pluse side i do notice that i am getting longer periods of time between waxings now so and the hair grows back much softer so im not ripping the legs of H2B :) HTH :wv