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mrsmtobe2915 Posts: 35
Hi All I don't see a post for next October, if i miss it please let me know! I'm October 24th 2015, have got hotel, church and photographer so far, trying to find an available band is my current mission, how's everyone else doing? :-)
darcy629 Posts: 11
Hi I'm getting married on 2nd October 2015, have the venue, band and photographer booked. :)
ShinyBride Posts: 418
Just engaged and deciding between end of August and beginning of October, depending on availability and honeymoon options. Where are you going?
Lana2014 Posts: 2
Hi! I'm getting married on 31 October 2015. Its Halloween, which is not ideal but it's fine. Going to have afew little halloween things around but not going to let it take over. We have our photographer booked already. Excited is an understatement.... x
darcy629 Posts: 11
ShinyBride, we're planning on going to Asia on our honeymoon. We were told October was a good time because the typhon season will be over :) So excited, want to enjoy the planning period but also can't wait for the day!
MrsGS Posts: 65
We are getting married on 9th Oct in Carlow. We've a reception venue, photographer, band and Dj. We've almost decided on a church! But most importantly I got my dress yesterday!! Now it all seems real, I am sooooo excited!!!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
wedding belle Posts: 2
Hi, im also getting married on 31st October 2015! Like Lana, I will have a few halloweeny pits and pieces around but definitely not a Halloween wedding!! Im pretty well organised - Venue, church, band, dj, wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses all sorted and most other items such as flowers, cake, rings etc are pretty much chosen so all coming together nicely!