Odd pain in my side... in my head (perhaps!)

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sunsparks Posts: 2196
I'm flying tomorrow and got BFP on Saturday. Was in with GP tonight - all well and she's given me a letter for the consultant. However, this is gonna sound weird (and paranoid, etc., etc.) but I got this weird twang this afternoon, like a pranged muscle I guess. Ignored it and didn't mention it to the doc as it had gone away, but it's now bothering me in my side (like a throbbing but not at all like cramps before AF - which I had before when I had an early m/c) Sorry girls - amn't making too much sense. Basically, think it's just a pulled muscle in my side, but would appreciate your thoughts. (Only other good news - because I had hyperprolactinaemia, I've got my first consultant apt Friday week, including a scan. A little scary but reassuring too...
wifee07 Posts: 353
Congratulations on your BFP!! I didn't have an easy start to my pregnancy, but I do know i get completely paranoid over every little twinge i felt. Maybe ring your doc in the morn to see what he thinks? These babies are hardy little things. I had a scan at about 5 n half weeks and saw our little babys heart beating away, we were so relieved! Relax, easier said then done. You'll do nothing but worry from here til eternity now! Thats what being a mammy is all about!
pie Posts: 61
Hi Sunsparks, I had the same kinda pain in my left side all last week, but it was more than the odd time, it was nearly continous. I called my doc and she said not to worry, then a day later i called another doc who I had been to previously and they said not to worry- stretching etc.. at the weekend I still had the pain, i have a friend whos a mid wife, so she suggested to go into the hospital to et it checked out, as it was getting more than uncomfortable at this stage. She couldnt believe the GP's hadnt sent me to the hospital. Anyway I went in yesterday, and got a scan done.. Everything is fine, and we saw babys heart beat :lvs They figured out what was causing the pain too - I have what they called a simple cyst on my left ovary. It would have been the time in my cycle when I would have been ovaluating, so this flared it up more.. The minute I walked out of the hospital, of course the pain completely disappeared.. I was like you I thought it was in my head, so glad to get it resolved, as it does play on your mind.. and we got to see our little bean too!