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corkrebel Posts: 744
Just wondering if it is normal... I am trying to eat very healthy but I seem to have a total lack of appetite? any one else experiencing this?
jellybaby Posts: 2316
Hiya corkrebel, I've been like this for the past 2 weeks. I was great to start with - drinking loads of water, eating loads of fruit, wholemeal bread, etc. But as the nausea has got worse, and the ms has kicked in, I find there's very little that I can face eating, and so, I'm eating very little. I have completely gone of fish - I never want to see another piece of fish in my life :oops: , and can no longer stomach the amount of water that I was drinking. I found that for nearly a week straight, I was eating chips every day, cos I couldn't face anything else :roll: . I've been over on MM (if I'm allowed to mention it :lol: ) since I got the bfp, and have got great advice from the girls over there. Seems that most people have been in this situation, and the general advice is just to eat whatever you can manage, even if it doesn't seem that you're choosing the healthy option. There's no point in forcing yourself to eat something just cos it's healthy - you'll end up being sick..... [size=75:fnikdav9]When are you due anyway? We have a Dec M2B club over on MM, if you want to pop over and join us?[/size:fnikdav9] Best of luck!
Trish07 Posts: 506
Hi Corkrebel, I was exactly the same at the start, couldnt face most of the foods I usually ate, I was mainly living on chips or mash and beans. Im nearly 17weeks now so getting my appetite back a bit now but definitely not able to eat the same amount of food as pre pregnancy.
kirsten Posts: 146
I was the same but getting a bit better now at only 9 weeks. It was the thought of food that I found daunting, not the actual eating of it (read in a guide your husband should prepare meals for you, that's not going to happen in my house). Plain foods like breads and carbs worked fine but fruit and water I found hard on my stomach. I also found chewing gum took my mind off the nausea. I'm eating more healthily now. I have a brown scone and a banana mid morning helps because it was after 11 that my stomach started acting up. I've also cut out cereal in the mornings because I don't think the milk was helping. Going to try to get something suitable for mid afternoon snack too, any ideas? I'm also back to exercising which I think is helping my appetite and my general wellbeing, I was feeling really grotty lolling about in the evenings. I had only been walking and swimming on the advice of my gp but the consultant says exercise if fine. Eat what you can and don't worry, it'll pass. I bet you soon we'll be posting about not being able to stop eating!!!
corkrebel Posts: 744
Thanks for the feed back girls.... I am due on Dec 30th Jellybaby so might pop over to MM! I am drinking a lot of water and eating fruit and veg as much as I can but I dont feel that I am eating anywhere near what I was before I got pregnant! I was just concerned about my lack of appetite but as long as I know that it can be common, I can relax a bit! thanks again!