Opinions please?no direction or accomodation card?

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kittycatt24 Posts: 1322
Would it be ok not to include a directions/accomodation card in our invite? The cost for this card is 50e and I think it will be floating around in our invite pack. We naively seem to think most people know where our hotel is! And surely people know how to use google maps/as route planner?? Please tell me I'm right! Was thinking of putting line at bottom of invite telling people t contact me if they want assistance with accommodation or will I be plagued with silly questions?
Eleanor Rigby Posts: 1067
Hey Kittycatt, I'm not putting one of these in, it seems like an extra expense that isn't needed. We're creating a wedding website and will have all of the information on there. If people are unsure they know who to call too so they shouldn't get too lost... hopefully... :-8
CB2012 Posts: 236
Hi We're putting directions and accommodation details on a wedding website too I wasn't bothered paying extra for the extra card. Most people either have satnav's or look directions online anyway.
weddingdiva Posts: 1349
I dont think they are needed, people are well able to sort themselves out.
lilywhite2012 Posts: 571
I'm having direction and accommodation cards only because they are included for free with my invitations. If they weren't I wouldn't bother!!!
miss may b Posts: 528
I included a directions/accommodation card with our invitations. We sent them out last week and loads of people have commented on how useful they are.
LittleLily Posts: 3682
Depends. If most of the people coming are from the area I don't think theres much point. For ours, we were from 2 opposite sides of the country so no matter what we did at least 50% of the guests were always going to need directions anyway. His family are from city and can't figure out country roads at all (theres no landmarks apparantly!) so my MIL and her mum and sister were 45 minutes late for our wedding. I definitely would not be putting a note on them inviting people to call you for directions. Thats the last thing you want while you're getting your makeup done or running around trying to do last minute things. A sheet of nice card is about 25c in Easons and you could probably get 4 direction cards per sheet. You'd probably have enough for most of your guests for about e5. It wouldn't have to be very detailed directions and I don't think it would need to be anything fancy. Just a "turn right after the pub" sort of thing for the non locals.
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
I would print them on plain paper and include them. The one thing about weddings is you can't presume people won't be a bit thick! We put really specific directions on our info sheet as well as a list of local accommodation (no accommodation in venue) and STILL got emails asking where to go and stay. So don't assume anything, spell it out. Doesn't have to be fancy but I would include some info.
candlequeen Posts: 991
I have to say I've always found them a great help, because sometimes we can't afford to stay in the main hotel if it's a higher-end one, so the list of nearby accommodation has been really helpful to us in the past. I wouldn't bother with the directions unless there are people from very far away who've never been there before. If that's the case, then definitely include directions. You don't have to spend big money - I'm just going to print out a list, 4 lists to a sheet to fit a C6 card, and pop them in for guests coming from far away - they don't have to be fancy or patterned, they just have to be clear. I think it's worth it, to be honest, but it's entirely up to yourself! I also definitely would NOT be telling people to ask you, because the last thing you want on your Wedding Day is someone ringing to say they've taken a wrong turn somewhere.
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
We just printed ours in a fancy font on plain paper on our own computer/printer and stuck them in the envelopes. I think only a handful of our guests had been to our hotel before, a good 90 per cent needed directions and accommodation details. Any of the weddings we've been to have had these included and they were really helpful with regard to booking a room and how to get there. To be honest it's the last thing I'd be leaving out. It's a bit rude I think to say 'Wedding is in Lovely Hotel at 3pm' and not even give your guests the courtesy of the phone number of the hotel, or what the room rate is.