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Lucy6 Posts: 27
Hey, Can anyone tell me did they manage to get the corkage prices for wine (€12.50) or champagne (€15) down? Have paid my deposit and all so hoping they did! Thanks a mill!
hope to be Posts: 865
I just asked and it came down from €15 to €8 and then to €5!!
Lucy6 Posts: 27
Hey Meowkat Did you get that reduction in the Osprey!! Would be brill if you did!
hope to be Posts: 865
No sorry! When is your wedding? I asked only a few weeks ago and I think because it was closer to the day they were trying to keep me happy so it might be something to look at closer to the time!
mrsc06 Posts: 259
Hi there,I got married in The Osprey last December and they wouldn't budge on the corkage-I even said that I might not bother having wine if we couldn't get the corkage down but that didn't work!! We paid it in the end.Keep on at them,good luck,hope you get sorted out!