OT - I've a mouse in my kitchen!

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Daff Posts: 11644
Need to have a total panic attack here - there's a mouse in my kitchen!!! We live in a new build, about 3 years old, and had a mouse in the living room last winter (as i left back door open). Was over xmas, and it lived in our tree for 5 days before it finally went for the trap. I could only go into the room after a few drinks - not an option this time! Was getting a drink and saw something in the corner of my eye run behind washing machine, and then heard it moving around. Went to the in laws to get traps but DH is still watching the match so nothing done yet with them. I just have no idea how it got in, and also we leave all the doors in the rooms open and it could have been anywhere, or there could be more. Totally freaking!!! :o( I know it's probably only a field mouse (we live at the 'foothill of the Dublin moutains' or so it's advertised - more like beside a field with construction)! I'm just so terrifed of them - and I was watching I'm a Celeb at the time, feel like i've just down my own Bush tucker trial, so treating myself to Minstels! :o0
jmeath Posts: 5740
Ewww....i hate mice or anything of the sort....id go stay in my mams if it was me!! :o0 im a wuss!!! We have a plug in thing in our hall (we dont close any doors coz it doesnt work through closed doors) and ne in the attic....so far so good and we're here 2 yrs.... the ones we have were about €30 each and they work in the walls and floors i think....
Daff Posts: 11644
jmeath someone was looking for you in the thread - didn't read the post though. Took the noise thing off MIL tonight so we'll have that plugged in. Will have to get our own this weekend now. I'm such a wuss, i'm literally shaking going into the kitchen - nearly out of chocolate so might need to go in again soon. Although it's nearly bedtime, but won't get any sleep til this match is over! DH gets up before me in the mornings, so please God he gets to it before I do - that's if we catch it. I don't know what i'll do having to come home to it tomorrow. We got a new washing machine a few weeks ago, but I installed it with my Dad and can't think of any pipes it could've gotten in through... i'm just worried there's more!
blue_ Posts: 44
There was a mouse in my bedroom when I was younger, I was lying on the floor pulling a folder out from under my desk and he jumped right over my nose- a mean feat for a mouse might I add- (had my 20 week scan yesterday and baby's nasal bone already measures over 6mm) Anyway I'm rambling- would prefer a mouse to a big spider, I just hate spiders..when you put down the traps put chocolate on them, they love it. Don't you just feel sorry for them when they're a little corpse in the trap? :o0 Good Luck with the extermination :wv
Daff Posts: 11644
[quote="blue_":1izaazdb]Don't you just feel sorry for them when they're a little corpse in the trap? :o0 Good Luck with the extermination :wv[/quote:1izaazdb] that really made me laugh :o0 although i'm a veggie and usually feel sick at those sort of things - but that's why i got married, to have someone to do it for me :xxs
nini83 Posts: 1917
Oh daff i feel for you i would not be good wit things like that at all at all think we are living fairly close to each other from some of your posts and my friend who lives around the corner has just discovered mice for the second time in a couple of months i'm praying theres not some sort of outbreak :o0 if there is such a thing!!you'll have some challenge gettin dh to do the choccie run for ya during this match :o0
jmeath Posts: 5740
I wouldnt sleep...mind you with DH beside me i would but id be afraid to get outta bed!!!! :o0 if it was me id be getting up with DH for work and leaving to go to my mams until he got home....when we had them in our old house i used to sleep upstairs and mam adn stepdad were downstairs and often heard mice in the attic (couple of times in my room) and i used to ring the house phone (from my bed) and get my stepdad to come up and get me and walk me downstairs to sleep with my mam (this was about 4yrs ago) but id still be the same! Once when we moved to Meath we had a mouse in the attic and i wnet and slept with my mam....lol im 23!!!! Your brave going in the kitchen id be following DH to the loo n all!!! I saw the topic thanks....felt VIP!!!! :o0
Daff Posts: 11644
Nini83 I've got him to sacrifice some of his chocolate for the mouse, no way i was going to! They've also started digging around the corner for a bus lane, so I'd say that's got all the little mice running around - i just wish they ran somewhere else! :o0
Daff Posts: 11644
I'd love to go to my parents but Mum's passed away and when I rang Dad he said that was my DH problem now, he'd looked after me the last 28 years, and no it's his time off :o0 He said he'd only come over if i wanted him to show me all the ways they could get in - eh no, i do have to live in this house!!! We only have three entrys to the house on ground level, front door, back door and window - the little buggers getting in!!! O:|
MrsMcM Posts: 311
hey Daffodil Bride, i doubt i'll be of much help. I'm as afraid of spiders as you are of mice. However I'd hate to come across a dead one in a trap. Getting to the point, we had mice a few weeks ago, dunno how many but i woke one morning and thought it was the neighbours getting up they were that loud. We NEVER hear the neighbours. We put traps and poison down...nothing caught. Anyways they were/are in the cavities of the house. DH checked all the outside of the house and found a couple of gaps in the mortar beneath the sitting room windows...filled them in and we've heard nothing since. So maybe you need to get DH or yourself to check what gaps are about the outside of the house. We also have the noise plug things, so it might be worth investing in a couple of them.