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mama sugar Posts: 1387
Hey ladies, Well we went to have the first scan in carlow clinic apt was for 11 I think my doc name is doctor o' sullivan he was lovely. Fist when you get there you give all your info then told to drink as much water as you can I had drank about 1/2 ltr already and then I would say drank another 1/2 ltr. the lady said I would be seen in about 1/2 hour so not too bad. By 11.45 I was starting to jig in my seat I was bursting by 12.15 I just couldn't hold it any longer and rushed to the loo - didn't go fully.....just some to release the pressure and drank another cup of water when I came out......then who was called a few mins later.... me!!!! typical but I was still bursting. I was brought into the midwife and she took my blood pressure asked about family medical history and took bloods, she was so lovely but as the time went on I asked her could I pleeeese go to the looo she said if there was 2 infont of me she would let me but if not I would have to wait. I was sitting outside and was next in but I had to go to the loo again (a little bit) then downed another cup of water.... So the doc called me in he put the jelly on my belly and moved it around..... there was this huge black thing on the screen..he said "it looks like your bladder is about to burst" he said that with the modern scans you don't need to drink water he looked for the baby and there it was and a little heart beat it was so amazing...the doc told me to go to the loo that my bladder was pushin down the baby that it would be more clear after I went to the loo....This was the best thing I heard all day!!! So I came back relieved and on the scan it was so much clearer you could see it doing tumbles and punching and kicking the sac I just couldn't believe it...since yesterday all I keep seing is our little one just moving about, dad to be was so excited. We got given 3 pictures. I have showed all the family and it was so sweet my nan is not very well at the moment and she was so excited about seeing the pictures when she saw them she kissed each of the picturers back and front.....it was so lovely...anyway better finish this off before I burst out crying. Luv Sugar xxx going to try and scan the pics in later if I get a chance oh I am 12 weeks so my due date is the 20th June x
NotHere Posts: 10273
Oh that sounds so magical Mama!! I can't wait to see the scan photos! xxxxxxxxx
charlie crown Posts: 377
Ah Mama Sugar, Thats so lovely, nearly had me in tears myself, I really hope my little one sticks I can't wait to see him/her on scan. Congratulations, it must be such a relief to actually see the little one active and healthy :xxx
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
hey mama sugar the sounds fantastic so happy for you, i remember going for a scan before myself and trying to hold pee in was unreal i know where your coming from. do put up the pics if you can would love to see. congrats :o)ll
babe06 Posts: 898
wow thats amazing. You must be so proud. i've my first apt tomorrow but only 8 weeks gone - they're bringing me in early because I ended up in hospital last week with a bug. Hopefully everything willbe ok but don't know what to expect.
bellabella Posts: 2750
Ah Mama sugar you have me in tears, i am so happy everything went ok.Hope you nan is ok, i am sure you made her day. :lvs
clucky Posts: 26471
aww so you were further along than you though i am so thrilled for you sugar go and join the june mammies post :o)ll
charli Posts: 5994
congrats - big relief to reach the 12 week mark as well and see all the movements on screen!!! btw - get used to all the pees/full bladders - up during the night for wees!!!!
Mrs. Taz Posts: 1216
Ah, mama sugar i am so happy for you. Can't believe you're 12 weeks already. Say it was amazing to hear heartbeat and see the little one. All the best for the rest of your pregnancy. *)
Sassy Posts: 2269
O mama sugar that is such great news, i'm so happy for you and dh. :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll Like Mrs Taz said i can't believe you are 12 wks already.