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Joleigh Posts: 4242
Anyone else get a pain when ovulating? I always get one that lasts half a day. Have it at the moment and its a killer!
AnyHopeLeft Posts: 310
Joleigh - I do every few months. I can be terrible. Swollen tummy and low down pain and sometimes it even hurts when I pee. I only posted something like this a couple of weeks ago. hope you are feeling better soon.
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
Its called 'mittelschmerz' pain...it can be so sore! You can litterly be doubled over! I always used to get it and then it stopped when I started on the pill. But now I have pain like it alot cos of the PCOS >:o(
mammybean Posts: 10364
I had it this month - oh so very very sore!
Joleigh Posts: 4242
[quote:jcgseq2i]Its called 'mittelschmerz' pain[/quote:jcgseq2i] Ooh didnt know there was a name for it!! Think I'll use that in future, it sounds more serious so I might get more sympathy!!
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
I can't pronounce that word :o0 I get pains too can be very sore and irritating
Christmas B Posts: 6191
I used to never even get a twing up until the last 12 months!!! Now I'd say I get a full day and that's it!!!
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Its weird how as we get older we change,my period is worse every second month and a shorter cycle too.I get back pain now and severe tiredness.I never remember all this when I was in school
Joleigh Posts: 4242
I'd say the signs are more obvious when we get older so we can tell what way our body clock is running, for family planning etc!
innocentbride Posts: 195
I get an awful pain to, it can actually make me feel nauseus.Every few months I get horrific period pain like I have been punched in the stomach and the winded pain stays..dreadful, have been to Doc about it