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Dreamster Posts: 6620
Hi all Can you advise which one to buy, how often you use them, how much they cost? I am sorry for all the q's but I can't really ask anyone else :-8 Thanks in advance
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
hiya, i buy the first ones on this page - they're a bit basic but they work! [url:127pc517]http://www.accessdiagnostics.co.uk/acatalog/Home_Ovulation_Tests.html[/url:127pc517] i would probably start with 20, just to give you enough. they tell u when to start using them based on ur cycle (e.g. 28 day cycle, start at day 11 i think) - so u may use at least 3-4 each month (or a lot more if your cycle isn't regular!) you basically use them until u get a positive result, which tells u ur about to ovulate within 12-36 hours. hope that helps - good luck!
stjude Posts: 121
I have the digital clear blue one and perfer this as the smiley is eay to read. Can you buy just the strips online or do you but the whole test kit again each time
Dreamster Posts: 6620
Basically, my cycle is all over the place and we are not ttc but not using contraception..... I need to know when the safe days are! I feel awful even posting this as I know lots of you are ttc and as soon as I am made permanent I will be ttc too. I just think we are not in the best position finanacially now.
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
No probs at all kwswife - but DO NOT USE ovulation kits to avoid, as you could get caught out. If you were to bd up to the day you got a positive, there's a pretty good chance you'd get pregnant -as you are fertile for few days before you get that positive. I'd recommend reading the toni weschler book - taking charge of your fertility - which is based on charting to avoid/conceive - it's a bit of work but pretty much foolproof. Hope that helps! jude - i'm not sure about those kits - but i'd say you should be able to just buy the tests separately?
Dreamster Posts: 6620
Thanks Peg, not used to being off the pill. We cannot be spontanious now.....
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
Ah i now, it's a big change isn't it?! Would you not try something else like the coil/cap? Haven't used them myself but maybe some of the other girls could advise - there's nothing worse than worrying about getting caught out tho.
cailum Posts: 123
I used to use persona, its form of contraceptive, its a monitor and sticks that you pee on & it tells you your green (safe) & red (unsafe) days.