pain like a stitch on lefthandside at my waist

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steen2009 Posts: 464
I have a pain on my lefthandside at my waist. Do you think its a kidney infection. It gets a little sorer and fades away again. Dont think its the baby no blood and going to the toliet as normal. Cant find the number for vhi nurseline!
JDD Posts: 1316
It might be a kidney infection alright. I tested positive for one at 12 weeks, though I didn't have any symptoms. I took a weeks worth of pregnancy-safe antibiotics and have been right as rain since, so it's really nothing to worry about (though obv you'd like to know sooner rather than later!).
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
Has it just appeared or did you have it before now? I have a cyst on my left ovary and the pain is at my waist but the pain started around 6 weeks. Are you registered in a hospital? you can ring them and speak with a midwife. You should probably get it checked out, if it is a kidney infection, it won't go away of it's own ok. You doctor/nurse will be able to test you urine for this.
Mumslove Posts: 528
It actually could be stretching pains. I know I experienced this for a while in the early days. I think I was even maybe 18 weeks going into my doctor bawling my eyes out because I thought something was wrong. It was only stretching pains, I felt so embarassed It could easily be a kidney infection so theirs no harm going into your doctor to check it out, it will put your mind at ease atleast :wv
steen2009 Posts: 464
Well ended up going to the doctor and it is a kidney infection. I'm on a weeks worth of augmenton. Half to go to my gp tomorrow to send a sample to the lab. Better safe than sorry. Thanks for the replys