Paying for a hotel up front now when booking online???

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ItsMrsBurkenow Posts: 665
Hi Thought there is more traffic here. Wanting to book a hotel for honeymoon and the usual sites i book with or etc are coming in quite dear. Went onto and it pulled up other sites where its coming in at nearly 700 euro cheaper but the thing is you have to pay up front now rather than at the end of your stay in the hotel? Its the like of alpharooms, opodo etc. What do people think of this? is it safe? i have always booked and then paid hotel. Also the price of the hotel exceeds my credit card limit :-8 so i will be using my mams to book and pay (and then giving her the money of course- although she doesnt know this yet :o0 ) will this affect when i arrive i.e. do you have to bring the card you booked and paid with for a pre authorisation on mini bar or whatever then in the room. Thanks in advance :wv
katgirl Posts: 1258
hi, i have booked several hotels online and paid upfront and ive had no problems whatsoever, you get a voucher sent to you by email confirming all your details and you just present this at the desk when you arrive, you dont have to use the card you booked with as security when you arrive either any credit card will do
traccy Posts: 124
Hi, I book most of my hotels rooms through & they have all been prepaid. Never had a problem. :wv :wv
spain2010! Posts: 83
Hi burke2be, I prepaid for my holiday hotel recently on well known website. Unfortunately, due to a family illness, I had to fly home early and missed out on the last four nights of my booking. The hotel said that they would not charge my agent, however I then found out that the company was an agent of an agent and they had already paid them. So, I lost out on about EUR300. Currently trying to claim it through my holiday insurance. Not to put a dampner on your plans but just something to bear in mind... On the other hand, a saving of EUR700 is quite substantial. HTH :wv
chocbiscuitcake Posts: 658
As long as it's a well known site with a good reputation, then I can't see any problem with it. Make sure you have taken out your travel insurance first though, before you book, just in case!