PayPal, problems with limits

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Silent Bride Posts: 565
Anyone use PayPay. Have bought a few things on E-bay over the last few weeks without any problems making payment. Bought something online on Tuesday and have been trying to pay since and my paypal account keeps telling me I have reached my payment limit. Now I know that isn't true cause all previous purchases have been small. Rang PayPal and they said my limit was fine and can't see what the problem was O:| O:| Then I e-mailed them and the response I got was to ring them as they cldn't resolve my matter by e-mail O:| O:| So now Ive to go to the bank and get a money draft and post it, very inconvenient.
Rubyrose Posts: 5522
is there a problem with ur credit card, as I had that, paypal couldnt process it as I pay my bill by ddebit and as it hadnt gone out, it over lapped with the next bill and made me reach my limit, very annoying. so now I pay my credit card online with my internet banking so it doesnt happen again
Silent Bride Posts: 565
Thx July09-Bride, but thats not the problem, I made sure my visa had money on it before trying to pay.....its head wreaking.
Rubyrose Posts: 5522
oh shoot, thats such a bummer
RainbowBright Posts: 1425
Yeah there is a system that they use in that you can either spend a certain amount of money or receive a certain amount of money into your paypal account. You might need to provide them with a picture ID and a utility bill to prove your address. I needed to do this after a while of buying some stuff on Ebay. Has been working perfectly ever since. You might want to contact them and see if this is the same for you as it was for me.
Silent Bride Posts: 565
Thanks RainbowBright, I rang them yesterday and they said my limit was fine and they could not see any problems with my account so I think Ill ring them again later when I get home from work to try to resolve it.
RainbowBright Posts: 1425
Very strange indeed. I am sure that they can sort it out for you today. Fingers crossed - nothing more annoying!!
CavanB2B Posts: 232
Just wanted to say incase your not aware of it Paypal contact hours are 6am to 4pm I have a problem with an unauthorised payment coming out of my paypal account, they flagged it but until its resolved they've limited my access. I discovered it at 7pm yesterday eve but had to wait till this morning to find out what was going on, i was stressed all evening over it O:| O:| Hope you get it resolved :wv
li_d Posts: 27
hey, this happened to me also. when i went into paypal online to rectify there was an option to click on a button & you would be charge €1.50 on your next credit card bill. when your bill comes beside the €1.50 charge there is a 4 number code that you type into paypal & this frees up your account. the €1.50 is then refunded back to you by paypal. I couldn't wait ot get my cc bill so i just called my bank & they were able to give me the code over the phone. not really sure why it happened thou! hope that makes some kind of sence to ya!
sarakg83 Posts: 347
My H2B works for paypal. as far as i know he deals with calls and emails until he finishes at half eight. they are open 24/7 by email at least. my best friend used to do the over night shift